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Why does she PUKE!!!!!!

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My grandma wants my aunt's cat dead.....she is a old FAT siamese and she constantly pukes her food...I don't think she is very old, because she is playfull and evil (chases down hall and bites us) but she is too fat to clean herself. Thing is, we give her hairball control food thinking that's y she pukes, but doesn't matter...what advice can u give...my aunt won't take her to the vet (READ THREAD: IS THIS EARMITES).
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Maybe she just eats too fast...if thats the case,spreading her food across a cookie sheet might help slow her down. Another reason could be that she has an intollerance to one or more ingredients in her food....in that case switching to a food with differnt ingredients and no artifical colors might help. Good luck.
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Feed her in smaller amounts, elevate the food bowl and don't get mad at her. I just went through the earmite thread, and this cat really does need to go to a vet.
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I agree about elevating the food bowl. Echo vomited quite often and once I raised the bowl...no more pukes! Echo tends to eat really fast...she's afraid if she doesn't eat as fast as she can she won't get anymore food. Anyway, I just put a really thick phone book under the bowl or you could even use a couple of sturdy books or bricks. Hope this helps!
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I'll try your ideas and see if they work..I'll let you know in a day or two (so I'll have time to see the results). Thanks
Oh and I have responded to the earmite thread if u read it.....
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