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"kneading" with hind legs

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I have a 4 year old spayed female, and I've noticed lately that she likes to "knead" clothes, sheets, etc... with her hind legs. She stands in one spot and kind of walks in place with her hind legs only. What does this mean?

Any ideas?
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My male cat does that when he`s feeling a bit frisky. He is neutered but he likes to hump my duvet and that`s when he does it.

Maybe your girl is still getting some 'urges'?
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one of my male cats does that too.. and just like Jaffacake's cat, it turns into a humping session after a while. He actually has a favorite blanket that he always does it on.

from what i've read it's normal for some cats, even if they've been altered, to do this! i guess they're just big hornballs?
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Our littlest rescue, Miss Fluffy, does that when she seems to be really happy. she kneads with all 4 paws and makes a funny little noise. I guess she is not so little any more, she was rescued on Christmas Eve 2 years ago.
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of my three only the one female does this. she does it when shes really excited or when shes playing with catnip or the honeysuckle wood. its cute when she kneads or stomps with her back feet
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All five of ours do this. The eldest Tristan likes to take the cat dancer and walk around the house kneading it with his hind legs in place every now and then, then walking some more dragging it behind him and then stopping to knead. He merows the whole time as well, that 'mouth full' sort of merow. The other two males have their favourite sweater that they also drag through the house and up onto the bed, kneading away at it with their hind legs and every so often also making a merowing noise. The two females just knead at blankets or clothing that has been left on the floor or the bed -not as loudly nor do they drag it around. All of them are super affectionate after a go kneading whatever it is they have chosen.
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