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sunsets and sunrises

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ok..i'll show you some of the sunset/rises that I did...first sunsets:

now sunrises

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WOW, stunning!
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Cheryl, your pictures take my breath away! They are amazing!!
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why thank you :-)
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WOW! Those pictures are gorgeous!!!
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Stunning pictures!
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These are stunning, would be great as a desktop.
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My two favourite times of day. Breathtaking!
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very nice. I like the play with color
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Very pretty!
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Absolutely gorgeous! I love how the sun looks like it is coming out of the water in the first sunrise picture. Beautiful!
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absolutely Marvellous........Fantastic my friend, Fantastic!!!..........
way to go with your nice touch to take picĀ“s!....
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are all these taken in the same area?
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Those are Great Pics.
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well the sunrises are all in winnipeg..sunsets....nope..
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I always like looking at your pictures.. they're so awesome!
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Wonderful photography. I love sunrises and sunset. The color composition is just lovely.
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Some awsome shots you got there Cheryl, something I have not done any of. The sun dont come out very often here Will have to wait untill we go on holiday and have a go.

Ps. I told a fib, I did take a couple whilst in Turkey one year
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