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Whats for Dinner? Wanna come to my party?

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I am hosting the Australian night at my house after long awaited, i promised the girls who looked after the cats back in september that i would make dinner for them, after some dispute with one of them we made up and took me another 4 months to finally get us all together.

My menu

Starters, plate of cheese and cold meats, served with toasted brown bread rubbed with tomato and garlic.

Main course, BBQ skewers, BBQ veggie skewers, pasta salad, potatoes, garlic corn!

Dessert, Chocolate cake!!!!!! I hope to get some pics before its all gone.

Drinks served are Strawberry Caipirinias, Wine and maybe tea and coffee.

So what are you having?
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That sounds sooooo good! We have to go shopping tomorrow so don't have much in the house. John's having his leftover Chinese food for dinner tonight so I'll probably have a frozen dinner or maybe a cheese sandwich.
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I want to come to your party - that sounds delicious!!!

Friday nights are always Pizza Night at my house - we get take-n-bake pizza from a local place and it's soooooo good (we always get the margherita pizza - simple, but tasty!). They also have take-n-bake giant cookies that are to die for. I can't wait!
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am making cheesy mash potato, i don't know what else am going to do with it yet.
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Friday is always pizza night here, too. It's Shabbat, so we always light the candles and say the blessings over the wine (grape juice for Ben) and the Challah.

What, no Fosters at the Australian party?
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Nothing planned - Friday afternoon/evening is my volunteer time with the rescue... so after scooping poop and pee ... I don't feel like doing much of anything. Probably some of the chili I made earlier in the week. It turned out superb BTW (If I must say so myself!!)
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Wow, sounds delicious!!!

We are going to a barbeque at a friend's house this evening, for burgers and bratwurst and typical barbeque side dishes.

Otger folks will be drinking a few beers, but I have never been much of a beer drinker. Tastes like crap imo! I wonder what else goes with barbeque... Any suggestions?
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we are having grilled quail with baked potatoes tossed salad corn on the cob and whole wheat rolls
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Australian Night - sounds fun!

We're just having steak and baked potatoes here (done on the grill), with some corn on the cob. Wish the weather matched the meal...
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Since we rarely go out to eat, I'm trying to convince hubby that it would be a good night for Swiss Chalet. Let's hope I'm successful because I didn't take anything out of the freezer for dinner.
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Friday's the night we make an effort to have a special meal, often with stepson and his SO (and sometimes other company). I mentioned to R that we're due for some peppercorn steaks (a favourite of his), and that seems to have met with approval from him and A -- slight understatement there. Baked potatoes, probably some asparagus, and A has been craving pie, so will bring one for dessert. R has promised a "big red". Definitely looking forward to this.
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No, I have not interest in any of that food. Boy, if I was close, I would so be there.
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Ooh, Australian night, what a fun idea! I might have to do that!
I made burgers on the grill (couldnt get the "easy light" charcoal lit so used a gas grill) and an Italian roast veg and spelt salad....yours sounds better
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Well the dinner was a hit, and i am glad the food turned out well mainly because in my first cocktail i poured well more than two shots of vodka.

I had such a small grill i could barely even entertain my guests but FH did, they had a pretty good night and got little kangaroos as gifts.

I was ready to sleep by midnight, red wine sure does make me drowsy.

Not really looking foward to the washing up though! I wish i had a dishwasher in this case!
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The food sounded wonderful. I am so happy it was a sucess. Any chocolate cake left. mmmm...
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