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Did anyone have error messages just now?

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Just wondering if anyone had a weird error message just a few minutes ago? It said something to the effects of "thecatsite@localhost has reached max allocation. 38 online".
I thought that the site crashed for a second! Anyone else receive that or was I just seeing stuff?
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Yes I saw it too and then it said that my PM folder was full and I only have 2 in my in box...Strange!

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No Shell, you weren't seeing things. I tried to log on about 10-15 minutes ago and got the same message. I reloaded, and everything was fine.

I've gotten the same message from time to time, but I was always able to log on when I reloaded. Then again, I'm using a cranky old laptop with a phone modem connection-I don't know if this has anything to do with it.
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I wasn't sure if it was the site or my computer acting up again. I sent Hissy an email about it...I wasn't sure if Anne would get it right away. Hope I did the right thing!

I rebooted my PC and tried logging back in & it finally worked. Thank God the site didn't crash completely!
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I got the same message here too.
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I got it too... Hissy just posted about it a couple minutes ago.
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I haven't gotten any actual error messages, but the site has been slow to load for me all day. Seems for a moment like it is "thinking" about it, and then it kicks into gear.

And speaking of kicking it up a notch, is that the new perm I detect, Shell?
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Nope. I actually have naturally curly hair, but got a perm to control the curl. It's just a bit curlier now, but not much. It does seem to be easier to handle though. Thanks for noticing the new avatar! I thought I better update it to a new pic...the other one was from last spring.
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I like the new avatar! Very pretty.

I didn't get a warning but my comp has been slow for the last little while.. Takes a while to do things involving TCS....
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I just got the same error again. Hissy just posted a bit ago about it too. I also have noticed the sites been rather slow today...at least more than usual. Hopefully we won't have major problems!

Thanks Tamme for the nice comment about my avatar!
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I got it earlier today, thinking it was my computer, but glad to hear it wasn't.
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I left the lounge for a minute and then couldn't get back in. I got the same error message again. There's only 21 users on-line right now too.

Warning: mysql_pconnect() [function.mysql-pconnect]: User thecatsite@localhost has already more than 'max_user_connections' active connections in /home2/www/thecatsite/forums/admin/db_mysql.php on line 38

There seems to have been a slight problem with the database.
Please try again by pressing the refresh button in your browser.

An E-Mail has been dispatched to our Technical Staff, who you can also contact if the problem persists.

We apologise for any inconvenience.
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Just wanted to let you know that the error messages are happening because there are more people using the system and posting and the server is complaining a bit... It is a temporary crash though and you can get back in, you just have to wait a bit.

Anne is working on a way of getting it fixed though- so be aware that she does know about it.

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Yep, what hissy said

We're getting bigger! And more active! And we're taking up more database connections that what is allocated to us by our shared server. So, it's time to upgrade and TCS will soon be moving to a dedicated server! It's a ton more money to keep - but I guess we've outgrown the old suit. It's not just the forums by the way. I don't know if you all noticed, but we have lots of new articles all over the site, courtsey of our associate editor - Mary Anne Miller (aka hissy ) and the postcards section is growing like crazy (thanks Heidi for all your help!) with about 200 cards to choose from. Dedicated server here we come...
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I got it, too. I thought TCS just had a little hairball!
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