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gaining weight...

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I have 3 cats.

All male.

1, who is the oldest, will only eat at different and confusing times... and he will let you know he wants food.

2, one of the kittens, who are not chopped yet. will clean up any food the oldest will leave.

3. When i feed him, he will get to eat, a little, and then the other cat pushes him out of the way, and eats his share of cat food. aswell as his own. (getting fat now)

I have started to feed them on their own, but he is still not gaining enough weight.

I feed them whiskers Jelly tinned.
Whiskers kitten/adult dry food.

Sometimes, i get asda/tesco brand
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I think you are saying that you have started to feed them in separate rooms so they cannot eat each others food.

That is a good start.

If you kitty is eating what should be a proper amoun of food, but still not gaining weight it is time for a full check up. Especially if this is the older cat

Two illnesses that come to mind immediately are hyperthyroidism and Chronic Renal Failure. Neither are curable, but both are treatable. It is best to get them diagnosed early though for best long term survival and quality of life.

Get your kitty to the vets and have blood and urine checked. This way you will get at the root of the problem very quickly.

good luck and keep us posted.
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its nothing like that... he just dosent get to eat as much as the other 2.

Started to feed him in a different room, and he has got a little fatter, but he was sooo skinny in the first place, i was just asking, know anything that could fatten him up a little faster.

He likes
Whiskers food
Tuna Juice

He hates
Other brands of cat food.

Like the whiskers advert says, cats know the difference. I have even tried to take the label of a whiskers can, and put it on felix, or another brand, which is good. He just looks up at me, like, "hey, im not stupid, this is not what i ordered, i asked for whiskers"
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You don't want to fatten him up too fast, just keep feeding him separately. Tuna and fish is not good for the male cats, can cause urinary problems, I would cut down on that, also you should read the ingredients on the foods, try to stay away from fillers, the first ingredient should be the meat. I don't think you are giving the best quality food, or even moderate quality food. If you search on this site you will get some ideas for better affordable food. Trader joe's has good ingredients and not too pricey.

You might want to regulate the older cats eating, if he is getting too fat. Feed them all at the same time, and pick the food up after an hour. I do this twice a day. If someone wants more a few hours later, I will put out a few kibbles, but that is it unitl dinner time. They eat most of their food when I give it because they are hungry. Pansy who eats half and walks away comes back and finishes 20 minutes later. I pick his up so the others won't eat it. It goes down a little later after they are done and left the room, then pansy comes back and finishes.
I started doing this because Fang was eating all day long and getting really fat. He was rescued off the streets, so I think he felt he had to eat everything in sight. HE is better with that now, sometimes he is even persnickity. the nerve.
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The tuna is recomended by our vets

There is always dry food down with a bowl of water about 150g gets eaten by all three per day. (this was recomended by vet)

I have sit with the skinnyest cat just so he can eat else the other 2 will eat it

Mind you we have a 7kg cat who is underweight aswel but he will only eat when he wants or not at all.

My kitten will eat anything and everything even vindaloo if had the chance which he has.

Everything has been given vets aproval just wanted to know of any fating treats
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There are much better foods available in the UK, some of which will help with weight gain. Tuna is fine in moderation, but shouldn't be given too much or too often. I personally would separate them to make sure that they are eating enough - it is a pain, I have had to do it when there were 6 cats here, but it is essential. Dry food will help weight gain more, but there are much better foods than Whiskas.
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thats all they will eat... whiskers, so it has to be whiskers....

we have tried every brand you can get in Europe. Yes, members of our family live all over, and got their brands sent them to us. They still only like whiskers.

Tuna here costs like £2/tin the tins are small. If we gave our cats this all the time we would have cats... lol

8 tins lasts about 4 months, and we eat it aswell.
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