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Daily Thread TGIF May 16th!

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So, pumped for the looooooong weekend! I need an abundance of sleep!

My mom is arriving today so I will be heading to my sisters place after work to spend some family time.

Nothing other than that going on this weekend.

Sunny and a little clouds and 18 complaints here

Have a great weekend folks!
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At last!!

Cloudy here but i don't care Going into town tomorrow for coffee with my sister then we both have a hair appointment at the same salon. I think i'll do a bit retail therapy when i'm there as well because i have another leaving party to go to next saturday.
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evening all... 10pm Friday night here. And I am about to go off to bed

Its goingt to be wet and miserable here in Melbourne town this weekend so I will have to think of something to keep that crazy toddler of mine entertained while being indoors. I think we are catching up with friends on Sunday afternoon and then dinner with Chris parents Sunday night.

Just looking forward to having a nice peaceful weekend to be honest

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Well its overcast like my mood today. Got a call at 1 am from my sister who is now currently at a Ford dealership in Indianapolis as she hit something last night and lost all her gas in the fuel tank. Hopefully its nothing terrible and she can get back on the road by noonish?? She is still has about 9 hours of driving left.

So I'll pop back on later as I have to do my housecleaning still-I started early though as after that phone call I slept crummy-grrr.
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Just grimbly stuff today... job hunt, paperwork, pay a few bills. Busy weekend planned, tho'.

Tomorrow, off to the Toledo (OH) Museum of Art to see their glass pavilion. Supposed to be lovely!

Sunday, out to Ann Arbor to meet up with my boyfriend and some friends, grab dinner and go to a concert - the wife in the other couple is singing in a choir backing up a performance there.
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Morning All!!!!

Sunny here looks like it is going to be a nice day.

The tourist have already started flocking just sitting here by the window having my hot chocolate I counted 6 cars with trailers heading down to the boat launch at the end of my street..

I was talking to my sister who lives out by Algonquin Park and she said that the black-flies are really starting to get bad so I can just picture them all rubbing their little forelegs together saying yummy yummy to all the imported blood coming into the area...

Heading off to work shortly, hope to be done about 3 then just home and a few chores this evening..

Kitties are good, birdwatching right now..

Everyone have a good day
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Tonight is Australian Night at my place,

Finished cooking everything now i just need to frost the cake and stick it in the fridge, gotta clean up the bathroom, make the loungeroom presentable and decorate and voila!

Got my birth certificate today in the mail from England... :whohoo: Let the slow process of marriage papers begin!
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Had a pretty good morning here so far, had a job interview early and awaiting news from that...

This afternoon is going to be spent at home with my feet up and enjoying the weekend break! It's all go again on Monday morning when I have more call-outs to people's fun fun!
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hello all! am not doing anything exciting today, just sat in bed watching cartoon's! Sparkle's next to me, keeping me company!
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Hooray for Friday!!! I'm so glad it's finally here. Seems like this week was particularly long. I think it's going to be a nice weekend here, weather-wise, so I might do some gardening. I also need to catch up on some scrapbooking. Other than that, it should be a pretty quiet weekend. I hope everyone has a great Friday!
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Trying to stay cool!
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Nothing wonderful planned for me today...catching up on the laundry washing dishes sweeping and mopping the house the bathrooms and hopefully tomorrow I will wake up and feel much better because today I feel like Ive been ran over by a Mac Truck...
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I am SO glad this week is over!!! I wish I got paid by the catastrophe, because I'd be rich beyond my wildest dreams this week!!! I have absolutely nothing planned for this weekend. I'm gonna put my jammies on tonight and not get out of them until I have to get ready for work Monday morning. It's going to be a total veg-out weekend!!! (Hockey game Saturday!!!!)
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I'm glad this week is over! And I have a four day weekend! Not doing much this weekend. Just cleaning and packing. We're going to Vermont for a couple days. My boyfriend's sister and her husband and kids are coming up from NC to visit. So we're going to visit them since we never see them. It should be lots of fun!
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