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"Cat Burglar"

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My family has a "cat burglar" on our hands. My cat, Cali, has learned how to open my JEWELRY BOX!!!!!!!!!!

I keept finding things laying around that I thought I put in my jewelry box. But then I would think "I must not have, because here it is". Other times I would find the doors open and think "I thought I closed them, but I must not have".

Today I was doing something in my room and here comes Cali walking right to my jewelry box and OPENS it!!!!!!!! (I guess she saw me opening it enough to know that you have to pull the handels). And then she started taking things out of it. Because of what I was doing, I couldnt get to her, so I keept telling her "NO". She gave a look that said "What ever" (You ALL know THAT look) and went right back to taking things out. I didnt know weither to laugh or get mad, so I decided to laugh.

Now I have to find another jewlery box that is "cat burglar" proof. Does anyone know of one?????
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lol my R&B kitty, used to get into my mothers, jewlery box, open up the doors in the bathroom,

and lord help you if she smelled rubber bands, she would open your purse.. the best one ever is when my mother yelled at me,,

"BRUCE catch your cat she has my credit cards"... and in she comes with credit cards, that my mother had wrapped a rubber band around.

i warned my mother, the cat could open a purse, but she did not believe me ahha.
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the cat in the jewelry box - i pictured a cat sitting around covered in in necklaces, pearls, wearing rings for bracelets with a tiara plopped on its heads, kind of sideways. i could see the cats just moseying aound the house, like it was no biggie with the necklaces stringing behind them

as for the credit cards-what would cats do with credit cards? get online and look at kittie porn? buy big bags of kittie gangja? buy barbies to support their habits? more jewelry? my kittiest would probably order overpriced spa packages or something...and kittie ganja. well, patchy would want string cheese instead lol

i think this was the funniest thread i ever read. im still laughing.
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Cute! They sure are nosey little things, aren't they?

What about turning the box towards the wall so that she can't get to the doors? Or wrapping a rubber band around the 2 knobs so that the doors won't open with the band on them?
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Cali is a smart girl.
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I had a cat that used to break into my jewelery box and steal my gold chains.
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