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Hi All!

I have been feeding a stray cat that showed up in our yard about a month ago. Hubby and I started calling it Gizmo (we went for the default sex; when in doubt, it's a boy! ) and in the beginning, we would only see fleeting images of the cat as it scurried from brush to fence to hiding behind cars. I just assumed it was feral, but felt bad for it as it was soooo skinny and just looked like it was in rough shape. After about a week of feeding Giz, I contacted the local vet and borrowed a trap, planning on TNR'ing it. Weeeeellll she (yes, I finally found out it was a "she") proved pretty crafty and didn't take the bait on the trap. She did, however, start coming closer and closer to me and by the end of last week would let me pet her and she would even purr. Sadly, when she got close to me I was able to see just how bad off she was; sores all over her neck, ticks hanging all over her, ears full of mite dust, and a very big belly (pregnant? worms? I don't know). I was absolutely determined to get her now...the poor thing was obviously suffering. She had turned into a very sweet cat...she greeted me every morning for her feeding, and would be waiting for me when I got home. Bean and Poppy would watch her through the windows, trying to figure out who the new guest was.
Anywho...yesterday I finally caught her! The poor thing was terrified! I told them to "give her the works" - spay, de-worming, treat her ears, get all of the ticks off of her (a round of antibiotics will be needed for sure) as well as to test her for FeLV. Hubby and I have decided that if she is negative for FeLV and AIDS, we will adopt her. I am so worried about her; she is getting treated and tested today, so if you can send some vibes our way that would be great! I am going to call them in about 4 hours to see what the results were and to see how she is doing. If she is positive (I hate to even think about that, even though it is very likely) we cannot keep her indoors (for Riley and Poppy's sake) but will do what we can whilst she lives outside. (PTS is not an option here in Germany for postive cats, they legally will not put a positive cat down)
I am keeping my fingers crossed and praying the little girl is going to pull through and be ok. Here is a picture of her from a few weeks ago...

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what a pretty girl Gizmo is!
sending healing & positive & across the atlantic to you & Gizmo!
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Gizmo is a very pretty girl. Great job on trapping her and getting her the care she needs. Sending lots of vibes that all goes well with her vet visit.
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I hope all is well with her. Even if she becomes your outdoor kitty at least she is getting some care and much needed medical attention.
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Yay! Giz is ok! But this just shows how much I know...I was sure "she" was a girl...there were no Pom Poms (sorry, that's what I call them) and she just looked like a gal back there. turns out we have a little man on our hands! He's already neutered, but not chipped. He was in bad shape so chances are he'd been on the streets for a while, but was someone's pet at one point (because he was such a sweetie after he got over being terrified of us and felt like he could trust us.) We are going to pick him up tonight; he's been vaccinated and came up negative for our family has just grown by one. Not sure if we'll keep the name Gizmo. I am going to set the basement up for him as a quarantine area until we can introduce him to Bean and Poppy...but I am just thrilled that he is going to be ok and won't have to put up living in such misery and discomfort.
Thanks for the well wishes!!
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Oh, what a wonderful thing! You're an to help this kitty!
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What wonderful news!! He has a family!! Yay!!!!!
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Oh, Gizmo is beautiful - and bless you and your whole family for his rescue. Best wishes that all goes well, and I'm sure Gizmo knows how loved and lucky he is.
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I'm so glad Gizmo checked out okay at the vet and especially that he now has a loving home!
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Wonderful. I am so happy for your family.
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Thanks, everyone!

Giz's first night went great; the little man is a real champ and used his litter box and seemed to snuggle up on top of the dryer to sleep (I put some blankets and towels there for him) Here's a picture of him last night sitting on hubby's lap. Doesn't he look like a happy boy?

He seemed happy to see us this morning and told me all about his "first night" (he's very chatty) and really enjoyed the extra cuddles we gave him. I am slowly starting the process of introducing him to the gang (towel swapping etc) so hopefully that will go well. We are quite smitten with our new boy!!
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Look at that handsome face! He found both you and Brian, Sarah, and it was meant to be

That look on his face say's it all "I'm home and i'm happy!"
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I had wondered what happened to you! Good to see you posting again. Gizmo is adorable, and bless you for taking him into your family.
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I know...I haven't been around as much as I would like to. We are all doing well, though...Poppy and Bean (Riley) are doing great, and I am keeping busy with personal training at the gym. Time is sure flying by!

Giz is doing really well. He curled up in my lap for a good 45 min this morning and fell asleep He is such a little angel. He is not too fond fo the washer and dryer (I had to do laundry this morning or I would have no clothes for the week!) but I am sure he'll adjust and I tried to stay with him and talk him through it. He already is a big boy, and I suspect with regular food he is going to be even bigger...he is just so lovely!

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What a big, handsome boy!!
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He's stunning! I have a soft spot for black cats. Heck, I have three soft spots who are black cats.

I'm so happy he's healthy and in a loving home. Thank you for saving him.
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I am so happy Gizmo found himself a loving home! He sounds like a wonderful kitty, and hopefully he and the gang will get on well!

He's just so adorable! He looks just like one of the strays that used to come around.....
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Thanks, guys!!

Giz is doing amazing. Today was his final blood test from the vet; he came out 100% healthy so we are able to start the intoduction process! Bri and I bought a huge door size fence to put up tonight, so everyone can see each other. Giz is on the 2nd floor in the guest room now, so he still has his private "quiet" space but the other cats can come up when they are curious to see what he's all about. Hopefully the first few times they see each other all will go well; there has been no hissing or growling (from anybody) with the towel swapping, so I am hopeful! I'll keep you posted!
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It may go smoothly. Seems as though you guys are taking your time. I am so happy he is ok and will now have a furever home.
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