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Poor little guy ... :(

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My friend came to pick up Socks today. She wasn't able to stick around for long, and we couldn't find anything to put in the carrier with him to make him more comfortable. He's not particularly close to anyone in the house, and I was afraid he would pee/poo on whatever we put in there =/

But anyway, it was really hard to get him to go into the carrier. I put some cat nip in the back to see if it would lure him in, but that didn't really work. We ended up having to push him all the way in and close the door really fast. Once he was closed in the cat carrier he stuck one if his paws through the screen It was cute and made me sad

I think they are going to take him with the other cats to get neutered in the morning. I'm a bit worried... I don't know how he'll react staying with them overnight, or how hard he'll be to handle and stuff. I wonder if he'll hate us when he gets back =/
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no, he wont hate you.
if they get scared enough they my use the bathroom in the carrier.
or in my case the vet tech when she took eazy to be fixed. its sad i know. I still remember the look on his face as the tech took him.

poor boy was scared to death.

but having something in the carrier the smells like home does help.
eazy did not want to get back in the carrier after his operation. The vet tech told me that after she let him smell the shirt i had in there, that he got up and walked in on his own.
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They forgive you and are usually just happy to be home with you. Sometimes they become super affectionate afterwards.
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We got Socks back last night, and the first thing he did was wander around the apartment. Then early this morning he came into the bedroom and laid down on my stomach lol. Also, when I got home from work today, I laid down in bed... and as soon as I did he came in the room and laid on me again

A bit later he moved and curled up next to me instead... and when I get up and leave the bedroom he follows me, and then if I go back in the bedroom he'll either come in and lay by me or lay just outside the door.

It made me happy He hasn't done that in a long time.
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Im glad your Socks is back home safe and sound and ready for some love.
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