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That is cute. Is that cat every going to get that mouse?
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LOL! Deb, tell your daughter that I said her drawing is great!!
Very cute! Love the look on kitty's face!

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He looks like he's really concentrating! Your daughter's drawing is cute Deb!
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ROTFL!!!! Love the white flags versus the white fangs! LOL
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The latest batch of kittie drawings are so cute! How many do we have in here now, 70+?

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Kim, those must be Iraqi army bugs!
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ROTFL! You know, now that you mention it.........

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one more silly one
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Cute Sherral! Love the surprised look on the face! lol
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Ok now I am dizzy- just scrolled through them all and we have 72 masterpieces...
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Is there any way to post a picture other than attaching it? When I try to attach it, it just shows up as a link, not the picture itself:
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It's a cute picture! I'll try to post it for you, this may take a few minutes.
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And here is Aurora Viva's drawing...

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Thanks Lorie!

Would you mind telling me how you did that, so I know for next time? I can't figure it out!
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When you want to post a picture here, first save it to your computer. Then go to a site that allows remote viewing like www.imagestation.com and upload your picture. Once the picture is uploaded, right click on it and a pop-up box will appear. At the bottom of the box you will see the word properties. Click on the word properties and another box will open. Copy the URL of your picture, then come here and enclose the URL with image bracketts and paste it. We should be able to see the picture.

The URL should look like this but without any spaces.
[IMG] http://www.imagestation.com/picture/...0/fc69ba62.jpg [/IMG]
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Here is a pic sent in by Sue...

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My name is Sue. I sent in that kitty picture with the butterfly. This is my first time here. Everyone has drawn some really great pictures. That was hard using that painting thing. Than-you for posting my picture.
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Great pic, Sue, and welcome to the site!! Hope you like it as much as the rest of us do!!!
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Sue, you did a heck of a lot better job, than I'm capable of.
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Brown cat
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Can you tell I have nothing to do?
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LOL!! Cute, Sherral!
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contest is still on guys get your cat paintings in here so they can be judged soon!
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This one is from Diane:

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Wow! What a pretty red cat!
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Originally posted by Coco Maui
This one is from Diane:

No, that one is from Cindy. The obvious lack of artistic talent, should have been the first clue.
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