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RIP Grey Kitty

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I don't know if you guys remember, but my office manager had two kitties that always came over and she and her hubby fed them and took care of them since last year sometime. They were strays I think..either that or barncats..but they would always hang around.

Anyway, grey kitty was the son of mamma kitty (or so they thought), and he died last night in their garage.

I guess he had all sorts of lumps on him, and a scab on his head. He had puked up alot of undigested food the night before, and then they found him on his side panting for about 15 minutes and then he died. Her husband stayed there talking to him while he passed away..so at least he wasn't alone

May he rip
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Ahhh...thats sad. Poor grey kitty. May he RIP.
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Awww, that poor kitty. RIP sweet boy.
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Oh the poor baby

RIP sweet angel

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that´s so sad...
RIP gray kitten,...play happy on the bridge....
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Poor gray kitty - at least his earthly troubles are no more and he is able to frisk happily over RB!! Condolences to your manager and her husband, and to the lone remaining kitty on their loss of Gray Kitty
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may grey kitty RIP
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