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I cant leave these alone

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If you have not looked at stereo images before then visit the link below. Instructions on how to view them are under the picture, choose any image you want. It does take a couple of attempts to get the knack of it but once the picture kicks in, then WOW!!!! This is something I would like to try my hand at, but at the moment time is in short supply
Whoops you need to click on the double image thumbnails
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Haha I can't do it... my eyes won't cross!

I bet it's neat though
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I can't do it.
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I've looked at the house one. Is it supposed to be all fuzzy at the edges?
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What are you supposed to do? I clicked an image and the instructions and got "Flicker has a hiccup right now" or something like that.
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Oh no, that makes me slightly nauseous!
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I can`t do it because I`m partially sighted in one eye

Cool idea though. I`ve never seen them on Flickr before!
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Whoah!!! Those are really cool! Took me a minute to get the hang of it, but once I did - WOW! It's kind of like those Magic Eye images... only better!
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Very neat. It didn't work for me at first, either. Probably because my vision gets blurry around 2 feet away from anything. Sitting closer to the screen fixed that problem.

It's too bad I can't show my DH these. He has double vision and blocks out most of what he see's through his right eye - thus, no depth perception and he can't even cross his eyes.
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LOL! Yes it is neat,I might see if I can get a pair of them glasses, thats gotta be easier than straining the eyes Mine are bad enough as it is
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^I just realized I have some! sort of. They don't work with the monitor though.
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I could always do the magic eye ones but I think the light of the computer monitor makes it so I can't do these.
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That's amazing that he did that hand-held. That's really difficult! I actually have a couple of old film stereo cameras, one of which I got to working condition. Every now and again I take it out and make some stereo pics, but I have to set up my darkroom as it's impossible to get them processed at any lab.
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