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So Surprised!

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I have a small calico cat that is just over a year old, she is a very small female, but all cats are different so we just acknowledged it. We never noticed her growing a tummy, but we did notice that her teats were sticking out more, but we thought that maybe her body was reacting like that because we have a soon to be mom here as well.

Well lastnight, she was meowing loudly, I was on the phone and I was just petting her. After I got off of the phone, she moved from where she was sitting and there was a very small red thing attatched to a placenta. She started licking it and ate the placenta, I was shocked, and inspected it. It was a little developing kitten, so tiny, we were all extremely shocked and I was wondering if she can get sick after miscarrying a litter? There was two more that came out, and the little witch ate them. Should I be concerned? I think her body is just too small to harbour babies, is she in any danger?
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Take her to the Vet to make sure she is ok.
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aww, poor thing! I'd take her to the vet and have her fixed.
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Aw, poor little girl. Let us know what the vet says.
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Thats so sad. i agree take her the vet and have her fixed..
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
Take her to the Vet to make sure she is ok.
that way, they can double check to make sure there are no unborn kits still 'in residence'.
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Well, she did have a miscarriage, she is very loving at the moment. She wont leave my youngest brother (hes 11) and she cries when she cant find him. They are very attached to eachother. Its really sad that that happened, and shes cleared out. We are waiting a little while to get her fixed, we have no males in the house except for a younger kitten and one other male we got fixed. She is terrified of outside, and we think she might have gotten pregnant cause we had two male cats before we got them fixed, we just had too many cats so they are still in foster homes. She is a sweet kitten.
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Teenie..over a year tiny. Henry lounging in the back.
Hes too cool for school.
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Just remember the longer you wait on getting her fixed, the higher risk she is at for cancer and pyometra.... I would not recommend waiting. When cats are in heat, even the scared ones want to get outside to mate. Plus males can still get females pregnant for 1-2 months after they are neutered. So if it was less then that amount of time that you neutered your boys, keep them far far away from your females.
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Is it natural for a cat over a year old to be that small? shes tiny, even the kittens born after her are twice her size..?
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If she had a miscarriage, there is a possibility that there may be retained kittens and they could be dead too.

By waiting to have her spayed and checked by the vet, you risk infection and possible death of your cat. Please call the vet now, explain what happened and have her checked out and spayed now - not later.

As far as her size - there are small purebred cats weighing 4-6 lbs. She might have a small type of cat in the background. Then again, if her mother was less then 8 months old when she was born, it could have stunted her growth as well as her mom's growth.

I saw a HHP one time - about the size of a 5-6 month old kitten - she was 4 years old! Probably product of very young mother and/or inbreeding.
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Aww, poor kitty.
That happened to one of our (normal sized) farm cats once when I was a teenager. I swear, littlefoot (the cat) came and got me and led me to the barn where she had 3 premature kittens. It was so so sad, almost like she was asking me to help her help them. She dissapeared shortly after that, I think she had a broken heart.
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We had an appointment today with the veterinarian, he said that Teenie is a normal cat, and that all cats are different in size. He also insisted to keep her overnight for observation to see whats going on with her stomach. Anyways, she seems fine, all she really does is walk around and meow, we think shes looking for her babies. Shes taken a weird liking to my youngest brother, when hes in pain, and shows it she cries and cries. Its like she thinks that that is her baby, lol its pretty cute. She follows him everywhere, and we've never had a problem with her getting involved with the dogs, shes a big priss so she just ignores them. Suddenly a few nights ago, one of them was coming to lay down beside my brother, she started attacking her and she was going after the dog. Its a german shepard mix, and shes huge.
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And yes, I do believe she has a broken heart. The meows are not subsiding yet, and shes becoming close with the soon to be mom cat. As well as the kittens, before, she hated any other cat but she lived with them so she just ignored them. She is now caressing and cleaning the two youngest kittens. Weird.
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as long as she's at the vet get her fixed. A male kitten can impregnate a cat by about 4 months old.
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Aww, that's sad.

I agree, you should get her fixed. Also, our cat who just had kittens a little over three weeks ago (Callie) is a pretty tiny cat, and she's just barely over a year old.
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We had four born yesterday from the other female, 4 of them, all little angels.

Teenie has decided she is deathly afraid of the things,
and wants nothing to do with them.

Shes taken into her own interest to get as far as she possibly can, and we are going to get her fixed, we decided to give her a bit of down time before she goes back to the vet.

She hates weird people touching her.
She reminds me of a overprotective dog at times.
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