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In Need of Help Adopting Out Kittens

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Wasn't sure where to ask this, please move if not ok here.

Can someone point me to some links with printable info for questions to ask prospective persons. Is there some printable articles on food, raising kittens, litter, reasons not to declaw ect. that are relatively short and easy to read by anyone?

I'm having no responses to my ads, posters ect. for these 9 week old kittens I've raised. One was adopted by a very nice woman my DH works with. One DH adopted out to a guy from work who lives in a studio apt. and thinks Special Kitty is a great food cause it is cheapest. Oh and fun to watch kittens jump off of your shoulder and hit the floor. Egads!!! DH is no longer allowed to give kittens to anyone, we did not know the above until after he took him. We got Laser (what we call him) back the next day after much arguing.

I have come to realize that a $25 adoption fee no one will pay where I live and that my standards are way too high apparently. All I ask is that they are spayed/neutered, not declawed and fed a premium food. Is that asking too much? So many people don't care the way we do I guess. These guys have been fed the best of food, wormed several times, treated for Coccidia and had Revolution applied. They are wonderful kittens and deserve as they all do a inside forever home. You would not believe the calls I have gotten asking if they could be outside only cats for their kids to play with, even though the ad stated Inside Only!! Put them on PetFinder too but all I got was Spamers responding so took the ad off. There is no way that I can keep these 5 as we are tapped out with the 12 we have and the 30 or so Ferrals we tend to. These guys Mom was spayed last week Thursday, so she was the last of the Ferrals to be done.

I do not like my choices, Pet Store, No Kill Shelter or Free Ad. Breaks my if you can provide me with some printable info perhaps I could run an ad, try again, screen people better and provide info for them. Any other ideas would be welcome also.

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Kittens with My Widgen
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Have you tried an ad with pictures on Craigslist in your area?
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gosh, even Id pay 25 for your strip and white one!!!! How cute...

Try using BACKPAGE.COM - Tell them what the kittens were fed, treated for, etc etc etc as you did here. You can ask a price there. Personally, I would pay that a well taken care of kitten like those furries!
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Have you tried an ad with pictures on Craigslist in your area?
This is what I did with the two remaining kittens I had. I put an ad with cute pictures on there and put up the adoption fee, I stated that these were to be indoor cats, not declawed, and spayed/neutered. A nice lady contacted me who lost her 18 year old cat and she adopted them both.
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craigslist does not allow you to add a price for an animal. I did that a few weeks ago with a german shep and they took it down.

Backpage allows prices and pics.
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Not one call, got one email for the white one but she wanted only if female.

You are allowed to ask a rehoming fee or an adoption fee on CraigsList.
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Craigslist allows you to post an adoption fee in fact they recommend you post an adoption fee.
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Will check out BackPage, thank you.

Wisconsin not listed.
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I like to check off to send to my address. When I posted about my 9 week old kittens on craigslist I got 10 e-mails.
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They are so beautiful. I already have 3, but wish I could have more.
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Try calling your local rescues and animal shelters on and see if they will do a courtesy posting for you.
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Be Careful with Craigs List My Brother had Kittens on there and he got a bunch of Nuts. I got Oreo from him.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
Be Careful with Craigs List My Brother had Kittens on there and he got a bunch of Nuts. I got Oreo from him.
Yeah you have to read all the e-mails you get and talk to the people I would never give my phone number out on craigslist.
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If you are going to use Craig's List, I would suggest more than one posting. Instead of just in your immediate area, use the surrounding areas of your state as well. Some people will drive quite far for an inexpensive, well taken care of kitten. You are charging less than a Shelter adoption, so be sure to use that, too. And use that adorable photo of those kittens with your cat! How cute! If you lived in Indiana, I would break my apartment complex rules and take one from you in a heartbeat! (I am only allowed two cats in my apartment)

Also, Dr. Jean's website (which I found perusing the previous expert forums) seems to have several short, easy to understand articles about why cats should eat certain types of food and not be declawed, etc. Check it out! Another place is on Feline Pine's website, check out the Catmunications section. They have a really great vet who has been writing articles there, and she wrote a really thorough one about what to feed your cat and why.

Good luck!!!
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Thanks everyone so much. Did a new ad for craigslist using the pic suggested. Where I live everyone uses their phone number. We have undesireables also but it is what is the norm for here. Last year I ran an ad in the paper for some feral kittens and got more of the above from that ad then I ever have online. I asked $15 and most folks who called could not understand adoption fee! Have I ever said that I do not like humans very much, if not I have now!

Thanks zorana_dragonky for the links, will go and print some of them out. Humane Society's here do not do curtesy postings. We have no Rescue's. If no one inquires by next week I will have to take them to the pet store and the humane society. My house is very crazy these days, not enough space for all of them and my cats are usually really good about kittens. The older ones are fighting some which rarely happens here. I'd keep them all myself if our house would support them rather than have to deal with the quality of people I've spoken with as of late.

Thanks for the encouragement and the advice, also the nice comments on their cuteness. They are darling and so nice..... Wish them luck.
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For people that do not understand adoption fees, be sure to tell them that you are charging them less to adopt one of your kittens than the Human Society (or other local shelter) or the Pet Store would charge, and you have given them personal attention and care, which they would not have received at those places. That might help convince some folks.

Personally, I think that you are justified to charge much more. But I think your babies are too cute for words.
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If you have a PetsMart, or a Petco, stop in over the weekend and talk to the groups that have cats/dogs up for adoption. Most of the time, they will take the kittens if you explain the situation. They are dedicated to helping animals that need homes. Hopefully, they should be able to help you.
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Also tell them that a "free" kitten is NOT free. IF they are good pet owners, they take the kitten to the vet, and do all the proper things for its welfare, it can be $$$$$. So you have taken care of some of that already so $25 is a bargain, IMHO. That is what I tell people who come by our rescue and say you want WHAT for a cat/kitten??????
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Just have to update, the Great news here Last night a woman from MN drove 1.5 hours one way to come and get a kitten. She was wonderful, even brought a cat carrier for her new baby. She wanted the white one, but ended up taking two!!!

We talked about vaccinations and the new protacol, her 4 year old cat, her mom's cat and her profession-she is a nurse. I can go to her home and see the babies, she will email me pics ect. I'm so elated hardly know what to do with myself. Had been looking for a new baby for several months, her kitty is white also,long-haired. The other baby she took was the black/brownish and white long haired male. The pics of him never really showed how cute he was. They will be speutered, vaccinated and not declawed, not to mention loved .

When she was about to leave she went to give me the adoption fee and I told her to keep it. (the babies were all cuddled up in the carrier sleeping as she is awwing at them) She drove so far to get them, was sooo loving and wonderful that DH and I figured she could use the money for gas.
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That is great news! I am sure that she is going to love those little kittens! I hope that you can find such great forever homes for all of the others!

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Oh, I'm so glad that white kitty has a good home. I fell in love with him/her just looking at the photo! LOL. Maybe the Minnesota person has some friends that want a kitten or 2. I know what it's like to home kittens - my Elsa had 8 and it was hard to find that many homes.
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Here is my adoption form- you are welcome to use it if you like. I have deleted some areas such as my address, phone etc. I charge $40.00 flat for kittens or cats. If they can't afford that, they can't afford to share their lives with cats.

Adopt The Abandoned
Adoption Questionnaire
Your Name___________________________ Date of Birth______Age____

P.O. Box___________City____________State______Zip_________

Own____ Rent_____How long_______ Landlord Approval____________

What county do you live in?_________________________________________

Previous address if less than 2 years:_________________________________

Home phone_____________________ Cell Phone__________________
Work Phone_____________________

Household Members: Name Relationship Ages Occupation

Do you have any pets now?
What kind? Gender Spayed/Neutered Inside/Outside

Who are you interested in?

Will the cat be an inside cat________ Inside/Outside _____ Barn Cat _______

How many acres do you have ______ Do you live in the country_______ In town______

What brands of pet food would you feed?____________________________________

What kind of flea control would you use?_____________________________________

What kind of animals you have owned in the past 5 years, and if not
with you now, what happened to them?

Is anyone in your home allergic to cats?__________

How many hours of the day will this cat have human companionship?

Who will be responsible for the care of this animal?___________________

If the pet exhibited a bad behavior how
would you handle the situation?

Have you ever adopted from a shelter?____________________________

Have you ever taken an animal to a shelter that you owned?______

If yes, tell why.__________________________________________________

Who is your Veterinarian? Name______________

City:_____________, State:_______Phone number:____________________

Our pets receive vet exams, and treatment, but some animals may have further health concerns. Are you able to provide any medical care needed for this pet?________

Two References: Address Phone number

What is your stance on declawing?

Will you spay and neuter?

Why do you want this cat?

I understand that in filling out this form, it in no way means that I am approved for adoption. I understand that a home and reference check will be performed prior to taking ownership of the cat of my choice. I further understand that there is an adoption fee will be charged.

I agree upon signing this agreement that I will provide routine and emergency veterinary care for the cat, never declaw the cat or kitten and if the kitten or cat does not work out, I can return it at any time and forfeit the adoption fee.

Signed this day:__________________ By: ________________________
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If I lived closer I would even take 2 because I know people who want a kitten.
But...It may some time to find quality homes but you will.
Those babies are so darn cute.
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More Good News One of the little Tigers was adopted yesterday morning. Again, the woman and her daughter drove over and hour. They own a resort, Mom has a cat and 2 dogs, daughter has one cat about a year old. The daughter was looking for a kitten/friend for her cat. Wonderful folks and they did not know about the joint being taken when declawing. I showed them how easy it is to trim the nails and recommended scratching posts, the flat scratchers ect. They were open to trying that. That little baby purred so loud when they held her, won their hearts in about thirty seconds. Once again they brought a cat carrier and with a fleece covered little bed in it, so she would be comfy on the ride home.

Considering, Friday morning when we got up one of the Ferals had been hit by a car.) She had just began to let me pet her a bit at feeding time. So sad. It is such a difficult time here for us, we had to put our 14 year old Sadie to sleep Friday Night. She has had IBS her whole life and nothing more could be done. She involuntarily just went.....on our bed, the carpets everywhere. The last three weeks has been terrible for her and us. DH and I didn't sleep much Friday night.........That being said, it is heart warming to be able to find these kittens new, wonderful homes. Just too much going on at one time.

Thanks for the form hissy, I will save it for the future if needed. I'm hoping that no little ones cross our path for awhile. I need a rest.

kluchetta- We asked her if she had friends! It is so hard to find them homes. Last year we rehomed twenty some kittens between my neighbor and myslef. Six of them we could not so they live with the Ferals. When I see them I am saddened as they are so friendly and beautiful.

zorana_dragonky- yes I am hoping to find the remaining two a home. The little black one DH named Laser and we got back after the DH gave him to the wrong person may go to my ex-son-inlaw or we may keep him. Personally I think he needs a forever home with a family, we have so many cats he will kinda get lost in the shuffle, LOL

CC12-That would be wonderful if you lived closer. Gladly let you have them to rehome.

I'll keep you all updated if the two remaining get adopted. I'm going to keep trying. Keep the great vibes coming, you all must be doing that as things are going wonderfully.

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