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Abby and Catnip!

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I so wish I had a video camera!!

Abby absolutely loves catnip. In fact everytime I go to the fridge and she sees me looking at her she thinks she's getting catnip and comes running.

However, when I put it down all she does is lay on it and sniff it and that's it.

Unlike the typical cat where you put it down they go nuts, she doesn't until you start aggressively petting her from head to tail using both hands so you don't lose contact with her, and also scratching her with all 10 fingers up and down her back, sides and tummy.

When you do that she makes the cutest "mow" sounds and rolls around on her back and side to side and curls up and attacks her stuffed mice.

As soon as you stop she just lays there!

Anyone else have a cat that loves catnip but only if you participate when you give it to them?
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Yup, my Ree-Ree is the same. Fortunately I have two that go crazy! They are fun to watch....they run after each other and then all lay down and sleep.
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Aww, bless her!

Maisie likes me to throw her toys at her when she`s on the nip. She grabs them all as if to say, 'Mine! All mine!'
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Seldon rubs his entire body in it and rolls around. The others think it is cool but he goes nutty.
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Arwen's eyes go really wide and she looks crazed when she has catnip treats, but it is so funny watching her chase round in circles after her tail....
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catnip does nothing for my Sabrina...
Salem on the other hand...gets high..lol..he rolls around with it...
licks the catnip bag all over...
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