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Tuesday I had the day off, so took the opportunity to take Zane in for his shots. I live just a few blocks from the clinic, and have one of those Drs. Foster & Smith strollers.

I took the towels from Zane's basket and put them in the stroller, then put Zane in and zipped up the cover. Zane was NOT happy; all the way to the clinic is was "meer! meer! meer!" Then, at the clinic, as we waited, it was 'meer! meer! meer!' antiphonally, as there were two or three other cats in carriers. We finally got into the examination room.

Normally Zane is very good for the vet, but not this time! The vet's assistant had to come in with leather gloves up to her elbows (as the Scots say, "Touch not the cat but a glove."), and I had to throw the towels over Zane's head. He growled. Actually growled. I never knew that domestic cats could make that sound.

Well, we finally got the injections into him, got him stuffed back in the stroller, and I got him back home. He didn't want anything to do with me for the rest of the day and all that night.