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Cash's Cat Nap

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We share the backyard with the couple who lives on the upper level of our house. They have a huge husky mix dog named Cash, and also foster several cats that stay inside. So, Cash is used to cats and is pretty good natured to start with (he's older and partly blind...seems like a big suck to me!). Belle and Delilah, however, have likely never encountered a dog. Our windows are at ground level, so once in a while Cash will walk by and catch a glimpse of the kittens. The kittens aren't usually on the window ledge (they'll sit up there for a few minutes at a time, but don't usually sleep up there...basically a view of 8 feet of grass and the side of the neighbouring house), so typically don't notice him. Delilah caught him one day and went into full defensive mode, hair stuck up, tail straight up, hissing, etc. She remained like this until Cash lost interest and walked away.

Last weekend, Cash was looking through the window again, so we stuck both cats up on the window ledge. Delilah was much calmer this time, but Belle, being the first time she saw him, hissed a bit. However, they all kind of hung out on their respective sides of the window and the cats seemed to get used to him. Cash eventually laid down on the grass, and the cats followed suit. Pretty soon, they were all napping! They remained there for quite a while, but Cash was eventually called to come in. It was very cute....they are becoming friends!

Our windows face the very narrow side yard, so we never saw Cash much before we got the kittens. However, now, he seems to come and look for the kittens everytime he comes out now. No more cat naps yet, but everyone seems to be getting along now!
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haha, mutual live TV! How cute!
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
haha, mutual live TV! How cute!
Nice way to put it!
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