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Crying at night

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We just moved to a new house. At my old house Jack my cat had his own room downstairs, and at night he would usually just stay downstairs, when i wake up he is sitting by my door.

Now my problem is in the new house Jack's room is upstairs, by my room. My doors have slates in them so I can hear anything going on outside my room upstairs. I know we just moved so he has to get used to the house and the new routine, but early this morning around 4am he started meowing. He used to do this sometimes at the old house but because I had normal bedroom doors there I didnt hear him.

Now if this continues Im trying to figure out what to do. Is there way to get him to stop? When he meows or cries I never acknowledge him cause I dont want to encourage it. I was thinking of putting him in the downstairs office at night, but I feel bad, but I wouldnt here him.

So I dont know what to do, any suggestions? Im a light sleeper and I wont be getting any sleep if I cant figure out a solution. Once Im up and out with the dogs he doesnt meow at all.

Thanks in advance!
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Hes just lonely. Im not sure how to advise about that, though.
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hey there,

have you tried leaving a small radio on in his room at night? you mentioned that you are a light sleeper, but it doesn't have to be on very loud at all since cats have great hearing.

our catsitter said that total silence makes cats feel anxious sometimes, and sounds like Jack probably has some worries from being in a new house on top of that. We had a kitty with some separation anxiety issues and once we turned on the radio while we were at work, he became so much better.

Good luck!
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