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She Loves The Wrapper

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Allie recently had dental surgery to remove all but five of her teeth. She had a rare genetic gum disease that might have killed her if I didn't take her to the vet on a whim when I did. Ever since she's come home, she loves to lick plastic: ziploc bags, grocery bags, bubble wrap, everything and anything that's sheetlike plastic! I know this has happened once before, but I don't remember the reason the vet gave me for this behavior, or what he told me to do to stop it. Any takers?
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Originally Posted by Allie&Iki'sMom View Post
I didn't take her to the vet on a whim when I did.

RE: licking plastic - The plastic may have a smooth texture and be cool, and feel and taste good on their tongues.
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Good thing you took her when you did.

Just make sure you keep all plastics out of reach to her. Some cats just like the taste of plastic, not sure why. But you do not want her to swallow any that could possibly cause a blockage.
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My Mila loooooooves to lick and chew all things plastic - especially the type of thin plastic like new DVDs come wrapped in, and clear packaging tape (she loves sticky stuff). My vet had no good explanation except that "some cats just like to eat plastic", so if you get a good explanation and solution, I'd love to hear it. Mila is deterred by nothing - bitter spray doesn't work on her (I think she actually likes the stuff). So I just have to be very careful to never leave that sort of stuff out in the open where she can get it.
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Let her lick the plastic, so long as it's not so small that she might swallow it. (Though in my experience cats who lick plastic aren't interested in eating it.) My cat loves to lick plastic... he gets so much pleasure from it, and it doesn't hurt anyone, including him.
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During my childhood, I had a cat who ADORED plastic. Not just plastic wrappers, but hard plastic, soft plastic, rubbery plastic... every kind of plastic. She chewed off the feet on my Barbie dolls, and even one arm. She loved tape especially. She didn't just try to lick it, she tried to eat it. Every time there was tape nearby, it was like a field day or something.

So, while I have no idea what causes cats to do this, nor any suggestions other than "Be careful and hide your plastic," I do empathize. At least your cat isn't eating the feet off of your Barbies like Pepper did!
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