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Got one today.. longer

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I have not posted for a while. Bobber passed at the end of March from cancer but it was unexpected. I have not truely thought about getting another cat until today.

Out of the blue I decided to go to the Humane Society. I thought I would stop and there would only be a few cats there and I could just look and leave. I fell in love instantly with a few cats inparticular. Decided on a full black female domestic short hair under a year for sure and NOT fixed. I have 2 already just like that (both are 3 yrs old) and I had to.

Well she is in my bedroom getting use to the smells and sounds and whatnot. She was all over me and I left her to spend time with my other kitties (5) and they were smelling me like crazy.

They started looking at eachother and then rubbing, smelling, and kissing eachother. They were super lovey with me too!

I am not complaining by any means, just surprised and didn't know where else to post this. Why were they not defensive? They didn't even open up their mouths like cats do when they smell something weird. What else can I expect? I haven't done this with having so many cats and 3 of them being family (mom(3yr) and babies(2yr)).
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Sounds like you just got really lucky! We had a cat that did that too - we brought Turtle home from the shelter and followed our usual procedure of a slow introduction by leaving her in the crate and opening the door a bit if she wanted out. We expected her to stay in the crate for a few days at least, but she walked right out and made herself at home with the other cats. :p Congratulations on a smooth introduction.

Btw, are all of your cats female?
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I didn't want to put in too many details and whatnot. My cats are 2 females and 3 males. They are all 3 or younger. They so far are ok with her smell. She was not happy with theirs though, at first. She is a lot more calm now though. She is eating, drinking, just went potty. I do have someone that is willing to adopt her if things don't work out here. I will definately give it some time though.
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That is odd, but maybe when meeting face to face things might be a bit different. Be sure everyone's nails are trimmed
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