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Mmm, grandma's home cookin'

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I just had some chicken and dumplings my grammy made. I miss her food so much. I stayed the night with her a lot as a kid and I ate well. Perfect fried eggs and bacon for breakfast. Sometimes she'd make fried cabbage with dinner. Grandmas are the best cooks aren't they. I might have to go have dinner with her more often.
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Mmm, I LOVE the food my gramma makes, especially the sweets..

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I learned a lot about cooking from my SO's grandma before she passed. We were very close, and I loved spending time with her while she was cooking. She took her biscuit making secrets to the grave, though. Bless her heart.
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Oh I so love my grandmother's cooking.
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I remember my grandma's cherry pies... and her fabulous Christmas cookies all frosted in colors and decorated so beautifully. She made the greatest mashed potatoes, too, with a little cream added... and the next day, she would pat the leftover mashed potatoes into little patties, dredge them in a mixture of flour and cornmeal, and pan-fry them. Oh gosh, those were good! Grandma's kitchen always smelled so good it made you dizzy, and it was always littered with Land O' Lakes butter wrappers. To this day, I won't use any other brand!
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I cook following a lot of my maternal grandmother's recipes, but somehow I've never been able to duplicate her "hot slaw", which I still miss every holiday. I find myself cooking like her, though, meaning I measure ingredients by eye, rather than actually weighing them.
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