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So Jack knows not to mess with my Rat Alyssa... Alyssa's not much of a Cat Rat.. if that made since.
Jack was in my room the other night sitting about 8in away from Alyssa's cage.. but still watching Alyssa and Alyssa was aware of this. Jack never once went to sniff her or anything.. just sat there staring, well... Jack got a lil clumsy when walking away from Alyssa's cage.. his tail slipped through the bars of the cage and... Alyssa tried to "kill" the "trespasser".
Jack jumped so high that he could have jumped clear over my head!! Alyssa did get to his skin and tore a small piece of skin.. but not off.. it was just hanging there, and not bleeding. The piece of skin is smaller than my pinky-finger nail, but I think Alyssa bit him to the bone.
I did bandage it up as much as I could (and amazingly the bandage doesnt bother him at all) and when the vet comes to fix him im gonna have her look at it. Jack hasnt been in my room since... and I dont think he ever will come back into my room.
Just wanted to share... but Jack is ok.
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Poor Jack. Maybe Alyssa has been wanting to get him all along.
I hope he is better.
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Idk.. Alyssa's never really liked cats, even before Jack came to us.


So great news! The Vet doesnt have to check Jacks Tail!!!
When I changed his bandage last night it looked like the hanging piece of skin has connected and its healing!!
If it happens to look any worse in the next couple days, I will have the Vet look at it... if it keeps healing fine, Jack wont need the bandage by the time the Vet comes.
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Coco got bit by my Sisters Rat once and her tail was dripping Blood. This was 6 years ago. Your poor Cat.
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Poor little tail ... still a bit funny, though. Wonder how often the rat "wins" in nature?
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Originally Posted by Bonnie1965 View Post
Poor little tail ... still a bit funny, though. Wonder how often the rat "wins" in nature?
Haha!!! good point... although in this house, the rat always wins cuz my cats are chickens
I thought it was a lil funny afterwards, too... hehe.


So after I post that last (^) thread, I went to check on Jacks bandage and there was no bandage!! Im not sure if I should put the bandage back on or if I should just leave it.
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It is called karmic justice in the rodent world.
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