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Toooooo much cuteness...Kiira's babies are here!!

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Big tabby boy...biggest in the litter of three...

Baby girl...the smallest in the litter...

Black\\tabby boy...

It's been a long wait...but they're finally here! Mom's doing fine, and the babies are all lively.
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Awww, they are adorable! Congratulations!
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Look at the little baby whiskers! Man, kittens are the cutest creatures. Have fun with them
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They are beautiful!!! Enjoy!!
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Thanks all...sorry I haven't responded sooner...I had a Choir Concert last night, and dog training this no computer time, because all of that fell between work...and sleepy time...Lol!!!

Kiira and kitties are still doing great; the babies don't hiss at me anymore when I touch them either...Lol! They all like their little chinny chin chins tickled...

I'll have to get more piccies, cause we all know how quickly that grow!!!
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Awwwwwww look at those tiny precious newborns. Im glad to hear all is well with Momma and her babys
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awww... how precious~! congrats on the beautiful babies~
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Awwwww So cute Congratulations
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Well here they are, once Kiira's beautiful babies are now just over two weeks old; their eyes are open, they are crawling all over, and they are playing with one another...I never get over how cute baby kitties are when they are learning how to play...they can't even walk, but they sure know how to wrestle!!!! They all have names, too, although only the tabby boy will be staying...I will be sad when we have to rehome the other two especially the black girl...she is my favorite, and seems to 'return' the fondness, as she nuzzles into my hand, and even comes to the edge of the nest when she senses my hand there...I can be petting the boys and she will be trying to get to my hand!!! She will have to find a very special home as four kitties is definitely our limit...

Okay, I am without further are the babies!

The three together...Black girl, Latifah is directly to the left, tabby boy, Killian is to her right, and black boy, Marlin is behind Latifah.

Killian...I think this is the best baby shot ever...he's soooooooooo adorable!



Killian with is beautiful momma, Kiira...

And a 'baby thread' exclusive...this is Sable. My grandma gave her to us, after figuring out that she was going to be too busy for this little spitfire...she is 8 weeks old (was a rescue from a horse barn) and really is a spitfire...
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Thanks...she's already pickin up the habit of sleeping on my pillow at night...Lol!!!! Although she likes to start batting at my face in the early morning hours when I am waking up...haha...

I found a home for little Marlin too...he will be going to my boss... Now to just find the perfect home for little Latifah...
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Your momma kitty looks so much like my momma kitty. I love her cute babies, and she is so beautiful...
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