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Nutrience Cat Food

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I can't believe this! I went to PetsMart and the Nutrience representitive was there giving out samples. She was going on how corn is really good for cats. I told her different and she got mad! She said that ground yellow corn is great but corn gluten meal is even BETTER! She told me that Nutrience is the best cat food in the world, even better than Innova!

I can't believe she's telling people all of this crap about corn and that there is NO better food than Nutrience! There was this one lady there that was feeding her cats Innova, but after she heard that Nutrience was better, she bought a huge bag and said she was going to switch them over!
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People can be very impressionable, it's quiet sad.
You know the only difference between your word and hers?
The fact that the company has her out there to represent them, so she MUST have some type certification for animal nutrition, she MUST have gone through all the training, so there for she MUST know what's she's talking about right? =p WRONG.

It's like the people who believe everything they see on TV.

Did she give any reasons WHY corn was so great for cats? lol. I wish I was there, I would have pinned her to the floor.

I can't find an ingredient list on this food anywhere, anyone have it?
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She told me that corn is so high in protien that it is a MUST in cat food. Here's some info I found on Nutrience.

Nutrience Kitten

Chicken Meal, Ground Corn, Chicken Fat (Preserved With Mixed Tocopherols And Cirtis Acid), Brewer's Rice, Dried Beet Pulp, Dehydrated Chicken, Dried Egg Product, Chicken Flavor, Lecithin, Yeast Culture Phosphoric Acid, Salt, Potassium Chloride, DL-Methionine, L-Iysine, Calcium Propionate (Preservative), Choline Chloride, Lutien (0.08%), Dried Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Fermentation Extract, Dried Kelp, Dried Carob, Dried Valeriana, Dried Fennel, Dried Ginger, Dried Turmeric, Dried Rosemary, Dried Fenugreek, Rosemary Extract, Dried Corn Fermentation Soluble Product, Yucca Shidigera Extract, Iron Proteinate, Ferrous Sulfate, Zinc Methionine Complex, Zinc Oxide, Sodium Selenite, Vitamin E Supplement, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Copper Proteinate, Copper Sulfate, Inositol, Niacin Taurine, Maganese Proteinate, Manganous Oxide, Vitamin A Acetate, Riboflavin, Calcium Pantothenate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Thiamine Mononitrate, Biotin, Menadione Sodium Bisulfate Complex (Vitamin K Activity), Calcium Iodate, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Folic Acid

If you need anymore info, I'll get it for you!
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Could be worse but.. ehhh I wouldn't feed it if at all possible, there are other brands which would come first.

Corn is an ok source of protien FOR HUMANS. Cats can barely digest this, let alone get any nutrition value from it.
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LOL. Corn does not contribute alot of protein unless its in the form of corn gluten meal which is a concentrated source of plant protein. I wonder if this rep. thought that plant protein was better than animal protein for carnivore diets since she thought corn gluten meal was so wonderful.
Judging by the ingredients, it really does not look that bad IMO...though I woulnd not choose it over Innova.
Just my 2 cents
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when I got my kitten I was told he was eating nutrience for kittens so I bought some. He didn't seem thrilled about it and had soft stool, the vet said not to change it yet wait two weeks, then gradually change, once I changed foods, the soft stool (sometimes really soft) was gone. Just my expirience with Nutrience...although the ingredients don't seem so bad....

now I feed my cats medi-cal food from the vet. Thier stool is never soft, and a lot less stinky...
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Hi all !

The only corn product that my kitties use is for their litter (theworld'sbestcatlitter) -- it is made of whole corn kernel and is biodegrable. Teehee! :

Yesterday, i got a chance to buy a packet of Solid Gold for the kitties, and it is in a purple packaging with foreign words. The shape reminds of those of Purina's and Friskies' - star shaped.

So, i mix in together with their current Wellness. This morning, i found their bowl all empty. i guess they have no complaints!

Thanks, Angel!

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