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If I get a second cat, will the first not love me as much?

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I love my kitty pixel right now, she likes attention and I can't get enough of her.

I work all day and thought about getting another cat for her to play with. I was wondering if she will not ned attention from me anymore if I do this? Will she just play with the other cat and not care about me? I don't want to loose the attention she gives me also.
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The one drawback to this plan is if you get a cat who becomes aggressive towards Pixel (for whatever reason) Pixel will not be able to defend herself to her full advantage against an aggressor.
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I was thinking of getting a kitten actually so maybe pixel could handle herself.
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From what I hear from other kitty owners, the chances of that happening are very slim. Most owners seem to say that at least one of their cats is a cuddlebunny, whether or not their cats get along well. I too have been wanting a kittybuddy for Willie... I'm often in and out of the house all day, and he's so hungry for attention most of the time... of course, that could backfire, and they hate each other... but you have to decide if you want to risk it! Good luck!
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I havn't had any problems with adding new kitty's to the house. All of my lap cats still come to see me when they are done playing. Matter of fact, if one of them decides they want to see me, they will push aside whoever happens to be near me..lol. I think getting a kitten would be a good choice. The transition tends to be a little easier since the resident kitty can "mold" the new one.
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My Leo is 6 months nows, and has always been my cuddle bug, and a winer for attention! Recently I got a new kitty, a female, and they love eachother! The first few days they played he didn't seem to be interested in me, so I got worried the same as what your thinking, but it was only temporary, like a kid getting a new toy, first he was obsessed with her, but then wanted me back. He still always wants to play with me, and does still wine for attention, but when he doesn't get it from us, he goes after her, and she loves it. They lick eachother, stalk chase, wrestle (like on tv it's really funny) sleep together (on my head), and I couldn't be happier with both of them! I know they keep eachother busy during the day!
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Hi there!

i have two kitties now.

Not too long ago, i was hired by a bank to work in the business development arena. That was when i decided to adopt another kitty - to keey Daisy company. By the way, i quit very shortly after i worked as i did not enjoy the work politics.

i wanted to adopt another kitty to keep Daisy company in my absence. So, i started doing some research work. i concluded that it was best that i adopt a KITTEN instead of another adult cat. This way, Daisy would not see the new kitty as a threat, and would take her in her arms more readily.

i adopted Venus when she was 4 months old. They have been getting along splendidly. In fact, they have been on friendly terms since day one. They don't fight over food or toys. They also seem to take turns to sleep at the penthouse. Many times, i caught them licking and grooming each other (often leads to play/friendly fight sessions.)
Sometimes, they would sleep together as well.

So, from my past readings and personal experience, i would strongly recommending adopting a kitten as opposed to an adult cat. i am sure Pixel will be happy to have the pleasurable company of another kitty, to play with, eat with, etc, etc.

i doubt seriously that Pixel will love you any less with another kitty around. Whenever i return home from running my errands or an outing, the minute i open my door, i will see DAISY greeting me, ready to jump in my arms. The moment i stroke her, she would purr and purr away. Venus is deaf, so she can't hear my entrance, and is usually sleeping or playing.

So, your worries about getting less attention from Pixel, i feel, is unfounded.

Hope you WILL get another kitty (what about rescue centers?)!

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Hey there ,

I just went through the same thing . I adopted a new kittie from the shelter and my eldest kittie wasn't too pleased , but he's really a laid back cat . He's 14 and KNOWS he rules the house . What you have is a touchy situation . It can go either way , as in your kittie now will be aggressive towards the new one or He/She will accept . In any case , it takes time .
You may have to separate them for a bit in different rooms etc....

I'm not to great at posting in the appropriate places , so I'm told . So , if you want you can mail me @ rebecca p-m@yahoo.com for advice . For that matter ANYONE can ! I'm easy to get along with and will try and help as much as I can .

Hope I helped,

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Twice I have added a new kitten to a one cat household. I decided on a kitten because that way I could be assured that at least one of the cats would not hate other cats. Both times it worked out okay, but it was a battle. The first time was with my Tiger and he was not pleased at all. He growled and hissed and hid under the couch for two days. He only came out when necessary. And he growled under there almost non stop. I became fearful he would hurt the kitten so I felt it best to separate them at night and when I was not home until the kitten got bigger. But, to his credit he never ever even put a scratch on Ashke in the 3 years they were together. It took about a year fro Tiger to fully come around and get back to the way he was, but in the end he became an even friendlier cat than he was. But the two were never buddies. They would play sometimes and they would scuffle, but they were never the type to sleep together or give each other baths. There was always a rivalry there.
The second time I decided to add a kitten again. But this time I thought I would try a male/female combo. So I adopted a female kitten from a shelter. Unfortunately I found out a few weeks later that there had been an error and the kitten was male. <sigh> So, now I have Aiden and Ashke. Ashke is a laid back Main Coon and even though he spent his first 3+ years living with another cat he still hissed and growled some at the baby. And he never ever hisses or growls! I was very surprised at his behavior. He seemed to come around quicker than Tiger had. He began playing with the baby a few weeks later. And I was never afraid Ashke would harm Aiden. But, it was probably 4 or 5 months before Ashke went back to playing on his own like he used to, and a full 7 months before he resumed his paw suckling behavior that he always used to do. Now it has been nearly a year, and Ashke is finally getting back to normal. But, again, they are not buddies. they do play with each other even more that Tiger and Ashke had, but they do not cuddle with each other or give baths etc.
So, those have been my experiences. It can work, even with the most unwilling cat, but it does take time, sometimes, a LOT of time.
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Hi there ,

Been there and done that too . And Roger didn't like a "baby" in the house. It made him a nervous reck . Not to mention , I was told by the Vet that it was a female also . I had to return him to the vet . Turned out to be a male , but ya know , kittens are SO hyper and adult cats can't really get in the mode to play with them . It takes time and YES , they will hide and do strange things, like marking and making a mess around the house in unusual places . They are just telling you that they are uncomfortable with the situation . Now , in my case , Roger does not mind Puff per se' , he pretty much tolerates him . He will on occasion play with him , but he's so much older and has a bum leg .

Give it some time . And even if they don't become the best of buddies , at least you know and they know that they are loved and well taken care of .

When I adopted Maryann ( now deceased ) Roger did not like it at all and neither did she . But she was horribly abused. Just before she passed , she was bathing him and was VERY protective of him . Cats are funny creatures , just take it as in moving in with a new person . ALL people/ animals have their own distinct personalities and idiosyncrosries . *spell check there* I hope I'm helping , somewhat ?

Good luck ,

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I love to look at all the kitties pics . It's funny how we relate to them as we do our children , isn't it ? *S*

The pics of my kitties are in the "General forum" I think , I can't post from an iMac , unfortuately .

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