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Cat is smacking other cat in head?

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My cat Fiona smacks Rocko in the head on a daily basis. Sometimes with a hiss...sometimes without. No claws are out. (thank goodness)

She doesn't do that to Ree-Ree. He was a kitten when we got him though. Rocko was a full grown adult and bigger than her. but he is a total softy and she is an anxious cat.

What do you make of this? Anyone elses cats get smacked around?
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My cats do this to each other on a daily basis, they don't hurt each other and it's actually pretty amusing for me.
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My cats often smack each other upside the head. I stopped trying to understand why they do it.

My assumption is it is another way to work out hierarchy.
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It is very funny. I can actually hear the smacking noise when she does it. He will occasionally stand up to her and smack that's funny cus she will run away and he'll just look at me as if nothing has happened.

I'm not worried about it but I was kinda seemed so odd and (good for me) funny.

Maybe some day i can capture it on video....
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LOL yeah mine often thwack each other, no claws, no damage, they're just sending each other little messages about where they stand in the household heirarchy. Radar has been known to smack me in the face too, that cat is truly in control
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I get smacked all the time.

Jack loves smacking me and the hubby.

If you walk by the cat tree and he is on the shelf that is level to your head--you'll get smacked.

When you get to the top of our steps there is a railing (like where the hall is). There is a space on the outside of the railing where Jack lays. So you can be coming up the steps or down and he'll smack you.

And yes, you can hear the smack (he does it with claws in).

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I think i am understanding the heirachy better. I think the youngest is actually the top cat. He can send Fiona running for her life, the only thing that saves her is that he can't climb like she can!

Than Fiona (sassy girl), than Rocko...Rocko would be top if he wanted to...but he's too refined and mature to worry about his place in the heirachy. I just think he is happy to have a home and friends
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current top cat in my house is Cable - middle as far as age goes.
thinking Firefox may be wanting to challenge her, but hasn't yet been successful.
i posted a video earlier this evening of Firefox & Pixel - they started out grooming each other, ended up whacking each other - Pixel won, tho - Firefox left... & she's the one w/claws!
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My shy Pearl has decided to become a member of the cat household, and I couldn't believe she actually smacked Miss Fluffy on the top of her head for trying to pull her food bowl from under her.
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Kitty is my big boy, cat with attitude yet it`s Maisie that always whops him round the face (frail, little Maisie! ).
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I think you need to get Rocko into therapy ASAP. He is suffering from Battered Cat Syndrome and this could have a horrible impact on his self esteem.

Seriously tho, my cat smacks my dog on the head all the time (and the dog weighs 40 lbs). When she does this, kitty always has that annoyed 'bossy' look in her eyes...

I think I know how she feels tho. Sometime I want to smack people like that too. Oh the freedom of being a cat...
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My old girl, Sheba, wouldn't even have to smack, she'd just raise her paw a little. When she did need to smack, she had the fastest paw ever. She could smack the other cat 15 times before they could react and get out of the way!

Gypsy (now the eldest) will smack Gracie (2 years younger) when Gracie doesn't respect her "personal space." Sometimes with claws. Gracie's now sporting a lovely scratch on her nose from one such smack. Thankfully, none of the cats have tried to smack the dog. He only has one eye to start with. He doesn't need an eye injury on his only eye.

The little ones are littermates, and playsmack each other all the time. Smack, grab, bite, then lick, lick, lick, lick. They're kept seperate from the other cats pending their FELV/FIV test results.
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Cotton, Pearl's brother that my daughter has, smacks my daughter on the butt every time she walks by and is in smacking range. It is hilarious. He will look at her like "what?" when she turns and looks at him. The only time he did not do it is when she was pregnant.
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