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I am now a foster mum!

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A mamacat and five kittens were brought into the refuge today, rescued from someone's cellar where she had given birth. The mama is a total darling, probably thrown out when she became pregnant. She doesn't at all mind me handling the kittens, which is good. She is black and the kittens are two black (I boy, I girl), two grey (ditto) and a black with white face (boy). Their eyes are open and I guess them to be around 12 days old. So they are now in my old bathroom in a large cage for tonight while they get used to the new smells and noises. Mama was very hungry and scoffed a sachet of high calorie food and a bowl of cat milk. I have weighed the kittens and will keep a note of their progress. I will keep them for at least six weeks, then we will see whether I take them back to the shelter for eventual adoption or keep them here a bit longer - it will depend on the space available.
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Good luck and thanks for caring when obviously so many people dont.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Definitely required!

Congratulations, foster meowmy! Sounds like you have your hands full of sweetness.
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That is great that you are caring for them. Keep us posted and give us piccies.
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Awww that lucky Momma and her babies.
I too, cant wait for the pics.
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OK,OK, I hear ya! I didn't want to subject them to more stress and bright lights last night - I thought they deserved a quiet place to get used to things. This morning everyone is fine and Mama is leaving the cage to explore the bathroom. So far she has eaten more in 12 hours than any of my cats eat in 24, but she is not too skinny - it is just 5 hungry mouths to feed.

So here they are:

Mama and the family

The grey ones

The two black ones, both smaller than the greys. The smallest one will need watching, he is two ounces lighter than the rest, but seems to be feeding Ok

The largest and most active of all, the b/w
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Awww so sweet. The black and white one is adorable. They all are but that one just grabs me.
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Awww, what a beautiful family. They're so lucky to end up in your care!
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Aw, Jenny! What sweethearts!
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They have all gained weight in the last 24 hours - between .3 to .4 oz. The littlest one too, so he seems to be doing OK. Mama hardly ever leaves them, she is very good. I already have one friend who may take one of the greys when they are big enough.
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They're all so cute.
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look at those little tails!!!
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So beautiful!!! Lucky mama
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Awww they are beautiful Jenny, lucky you
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They are all beautiful. What a amaziong sweet person you are to care for all of them.
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