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trimming nails

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hello, i adopted my first kitty 2 weeks ago (she's around 9 months old), her name is mina. well, i was trimming her nails and noticed that on a couple of them the nail was peeling. it looks like a sliver of the nail splitting off. i don't know if i described it right... but is this ok? if not, what should i do? how do i prevent it? i don't want to hurt her. thanks in advance for any advice!
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It could be 2 things, one of them, is the nail sheath comes on periodically, kind of like how dead skin eventually comes off us. It's a natural and normal process.

Now another matter, would be that your cat has brittle or cracked claws, and that would worry me. I guess with out a better discription or a pictures I couldn't totally say, but it sounds like what I first mentioned!

Keep up with a good diet, make sure you are using VERY sharp and clean cat claw trimmers, to help prevent breakage of the nail.
There are other things you can apparently do as well, but someone else can mention that if needs be, as I don't have them memorized
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thanks for the response Angelzoo... let me see if i can describe it a little better... it's the whole length of the nail, not the tip... it's the same shape of the nail, but a really thin sliver of it coming off... is this still just the sheath coming off?
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CalyGirl - it sounds like just the sheath coming off, which is normal. At least that's what it sounds like from your description.
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ok, i guess i'll stop worrying thanks for the reassurance that my kitty is ok!
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