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Looks like I have found some summer work

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There is a girl I know pretty well around here and the own a large ranch and farm. This is also the same family I did pecans for over the Fall/Winter months. Well I was talking with her and she is going to see if her mom will let me come work on the farm this summer for extra money. Good thing about that is that I won't have to have a sitter for the boys because it will mainly be harvesting and working in her gardens.

Then I talked with another friend that I have helped before. He is an older man and I come out sometimes and help him clean his yard, clean his house and what not. Its a friend on mine's FIL. Anyways we were talking and he asked me if I wanted some summer work. Which I chuckled about because I was already asking around about some summer work on local farms (see above). Well he told me he has some stuff planted. Right now he told me he has corn, okra, new potatoes, and a few other things that will be ready for harvest in about a month. Also he said he is planting some watermelons and something else that will need harvesting. And he wants me to come out and help with the harvesting. I'll get paid by the bushel and I will get to bring some of the produce home for our own use.

About this time my landlord showed up and caught the tail in of the conversation. He also has some plots with I know for a fact has potatoes and okra as well. And he might want me to come and help him as well and his father (also a farmer).

So it looks like me and the boys will stay busy this summer and "I will make some money.

Come mid August I am going to try and get a more steady regular job. The friend in the first paragraph owns a store right by my house and I already come up there and help out when she needs it (a few times a month). And she has already told me at the least she might be able to give me a part time job up there. It'll be nothing than a few days a week work. And I won't have to drive its close enough to walk.
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Have fun with the work!! Just a couple of tips buy a good at that have UV protection-Mine have drawstrings under my chin so they won't blow off when its windy. A baseball style cap in't going to work well for sun protection. Also good sunscreen-they are brands that spray on like hairspray. And most important-bring along or have available LOTS OF WATER!! If its going to be hot start working very early in the morning before it gets too hot. I buy Gatorade powder and use about half the amount recommended.
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Thats great!! Enjoy your summer work!
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Gail is so right -- and don't forget to wear some serious sunglasses, too, since you'll be spending so much time outdoors. (I have glaucoma, so I'm a bit of a crusader about eye protection.)
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Hope you enjoy your summer work!
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That's great! It would be terrific if your friend could give you some regular hours at the store come autumn, too.
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