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Daily Thread HUMP day May 14th!

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Morning cat lovers!

14 and rainy today..and I have no much going on. I think I am going to a clients house after work to get some forms signed. Its at the other end of town too Ah well!

I am starting to realize the planning involved in a wedding and am getting a tad overwhelmed. Josh wants a nice wedding, and I ask him where the money will come from for that..and he tells me not to worry!? What!? SO, we shall see I guess.

My mom is coming this weekend!
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A dull day here. Changing my bedding tonight and i hate that task, because changing a king size duvet when your only 5'1" is a pain

I've got a new flat screen at work and it's great The only problem is the text is on the smallest setting but it looks so big. Luckily my desk is curved because i've had to push it right back to focus properly.
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If you shop around you can get such good deals for wedding stuff. and if you DIY it will minimise so much costs.

Our Euro engagement party is on the 7th of June, I need to get the invites out this week.
Just finished making the gifts, and got a recipe for the cake which im going to try this weekend!
Ive budgeted out the food and drinks and it should be OK!

Of course we are not going to have your typical wedding, by the time we get back and announce to everyone we are engaged we will be married so we are throwing a party for that, and then next year is the official reception with all family and friends with photographers ect.

well today im just cleaning up the apartment and going to work!

i hate changing bedding in general even the single sized duvet! being small is annoying!
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We had a brief rain shower this morning which complicates what I was going to work at today so I will postpone that until tomorrow which now will be really busy!!

I am tired once again from work yesterday-over the past 10 days I have been to a clients house cutting down shrubs and yesterday I dug the roots out-all 20 of them!! I'm am glad that is done!!

So I will work on housecleaning today and working up another landscape bid which i have to do research on.

Bobs and Grizzlie on bed snoozing-I should join them!!

Have a good Wednesday!!
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I hate changing bedding to and I'm almost 6' so size has nothing to do with it.

Anyway today is my "Day off" so its going to be filled with chores around the house because I'm going out of town for two weeks and this place needs to be able to inhabbitable when I get back so that means a lot of work for me today. First off is laundry, but i'm only doing the laundry I'm taking with me so it should only be about 2-3 loads. I also need to return text books some time today but the ambition just isn't there to stand in a line for 3 hours while moving about 6 feet...we really need to start buying our books instead of renting. I got the dishes done yesterday so thats at least one less thing I have to do but I also have to go get my oil changed because its a 1500 mile drive to where i'm going and I am about 300 away from needing it changed so thats got to get done today(only time I can do it). I'm sure there is more I am forgetting but thats about it for now.
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Morning all!!!

Rainy and cool here as well

Nothing special planned for the day, just work, I am reviewing some of the people that we may be promoting this afternoon but other then that just the same old, same old.

After work have to drop off a couple of books then home. May grab a movie and if I am really lazy some take-out. My knees are feeling a bit better today but still are a bit on the stiff side..

The kitties are misbehaving right now, Linus is being a suck because Pixie bit him on the leg..He doesn't seem to think that stepping on her head was just provocation..Sassy is sitting on top of the fridge giving them both the evil eye they woke him up and he's not happy..

Everyone have a great day
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First day of vacation for me! I won't have to go back to work until next Wednesday.

I have a lot of catching up to do around the house. Rob and I are building a mantel for the fireplace, just brought home some new door handles for the kitchen cabinets and will be measuring up and purchasing the backsplash for the kitchen. The home renos are almost complete!

I'll also need to organize my renovation photos (4 years worth!) and get them online in a blog. Also will be starting my photography portfolio and starting to look into a side business venture with Rob.

Will also try to get up to the cottage for an overnight stay.

So, this one week holiday will go by fast! What else is new?
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Nothing much. Had a driving lesson and work, but that was about it!
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