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location being sold.

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over the last few days, we have been cutting over a plant location in north america to a different domain(in this case its a new company) due to it was sold to another company.

I have gotten more then a few calls from people saying, they could not log in. (why i log in the help desk phones i have no idea) I tell the people they need to pick domain XYZ to log in, But the people say i always logged into domain XXX. You tell them that there location is no longer part of company XXX..

and they yell at me saying, what do you mean i dont work at XXX anymore, why i have worked there for 15 years.

i just tell them there is nothing i can do, i am just the IT guy, But there plant has been sold to someone else. Kinda like a baseball player being traded. You will need to call there IT people if you cant log in.

in the last couple of hours, i have called several names,
gee people you work there, dont you think you should keep up with the news?
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I always love reading your posts. Your stories always make me laugh and take a little of stress out of my life. I like hearing about idiot people and their problems.

How people function in day to day life makes you wonder, right?
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Gee I guess some people have big issues with change
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