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Hey Everyone I've missed you!

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Hey everyone I don't know if anyone has noticed but I havn't been online much.... well at all in the past few weeks.

My job is in 2 words extreme Chaos! In the past week I think I may have sat down for maybe an hour total. I have been exhausted and on top of that I have a cold which has made this week so much more enjoyable.

I am looking for a new job on top of that and found very little to apply for.

For a bonus as of this friday we are going on summer hours wich means we shut down at noon on friday. But that means we have to fit 40 hours of work into 35 hours. So if anyone wants to get ahold of me try messageing me and wait a few days.

I have missed the conversation everyone and Sibohan has missed me being on the computer so she was sit on my ankles. I hope to see you all alot more soon.
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Thanks for popping in to say hi. Hopefully things will calm down for you soon.
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Welcome back! We missed you! What about this job hunting?
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I work for a small collection agency as a receptionist. My boss is trying to make it pat of my job to make collection calls and I am not comfortable with that. He said if it's not that then I have to call to confirm employment.

My boss has also found small errors I made 9 months ago (when I just started) and yells at me.... he actually yells at me for it. I can't remember what I did last week, let alone last year. He keeps stressing that every file that come into the office is money and they can replace me easier than they can afford to loose a file. So you might imagine I feel like a valued member of a team.....

That's why i'm looking for a new job. (this job was somthing I could get at the time it's not like it's my dream job or even in my field so I feel no remorse in looking for somthing else)
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Wow, sounds like the boss is a jerk!

Thanks for popping in, I had wondered where you were....
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Oh Rhonda....Hang in there. I hope you find another job and soon! I know it has not gone well and I can't say I blame you one bit. I wouldn't feel comfortable doing what they are wanting you to do.
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Hey there, welcome back! Sorry to hear things have been so chaotic and stressful lately, but hopefully that will calm down again soon!
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Welcome Back! Hope you get a new job soon.
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Having done collection work in the past its not a task for everyone. Some people are just uncomfortable at having to do this. Good luck with finding a new job!!
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Hello Again! Welcome back! Good luck with finding a new job!!
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Good to see you back
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Welcome back!!
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Welcome back! New job heading your way.
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welcome back!
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