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The Ugly Duckling

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Here's Beethoven, our latest ugly duckling. He's just 10 days old now. Pictured at a week. Not much to look at is he? Poor kid, lol. All white and pink.

He'll be a swan pretty soon though! This is another Loki/Kenya seal bengal. Pretty sure he's a mink, but time will tell.

Some of you will remember Isabella, a seal lynx marble girl from the same parents. She went on to show and is now with another breeder.

Here's Winny, Bella and Beethoven's full sister. She's 4 months old now and will fly off to Canada soon, to be a show/breeder at another bengal cattery.
See the family resemblence?

Both of these girls looked just like Beethoven at his age. Nothing special, non-descript, pinkish white kits.

It's just a bit hard convincing someone new to bengals that this little white fuzzball is going to turn into an amazing snow bengal.
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Awwww, I'd take that white & pink little fuzzball anyday!
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Oh lol, I love the ugly duckling, would love to see pictures later on, I bet we would not say ugly duckling then
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Awww how sweet. We need pics updated regularly
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I think white and pink are beautiful
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I think he is adorable!
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well, since it is a ugly ducking,
And i know how much work and how much time you give you cats.
I think you should send me that ugly ducking.

err, yea thats the reason.
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I like the snows just cause they are different
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well even if he didn't ever get gorgeous snow bengal marking, he would still be adorable in my book!! I think the pink and white is too cute!! I can't wait to see how he changes!
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Ok, I'm sold. See that didn't take too long to convince me.

I thought he was just precious with all his brown little brothers and sisters.
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I'd like him to just stay white!
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Awww, little guy, I think he's cute! And the others re sweet! Gorgeous eyes!
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
I'd like him to just stay white!


I'd never hear the end of it from other breeders!
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