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[pics] tiny sores/scabs on lip

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Hi everyone,

today while cuddling one of our kitties my husband and I found 2 tiny sores/scabs on our kitty Tipsy's lips. One is on the top lip and looks like a tiny sore and one is right below the lip and is a scab - you can't notice either unless analzying it and Tipsy is acting perfectly fine. He plays with his brothers a lot and is very adventerous. Is there any way he just hurt himself, have any of your kitties experienced anything like this?

My husband and I don't have a lot of money, so I am hesitent to take him to the vet just for this. I think I would wait a week or two to see if it goes away, no new ones arise, etc. But, just to ease my mind, I would like to know if anyone has experienced anything similar. We do not have the money, but if it is something we can help him with we will have to find the money to take him somewhere.

advice appreciated.

pic 1: he's sooo cute! But, see, it really is barely noticeable in the picutures. The one on the bottom lips look like it could have bled a tiny bit before scabbing.

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How old is he? Has he been chewing on anything? Any sign of fleas?
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probably cat acne. what kind of food/water dishes do you use? kibble or wet food, or a combo?
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He is 4 months old. He chews on straws, but nothing else really that is noticeable, he isn't a big biter. He probably has fleas because we found them on one of his brothers. All three of them are using Bio Spot for Kittens 5 pounds and under (we started on Friday) it's supposed to last a month.

As for cat acne, I will go research that right now. He eats wet food off of a low dish (actually more like a plate). He drinks water out of a shallow cup. thanks for both your responses
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It could be from fleas then. They will bite around the lips and it would be understandably itchy so he could be scratching at it too.

My thought about age and if he chewed was maybe he was about to lose his baby canines and one of them was bothering him -causing him to rub or scratch at that side more, or he might have chewed on something he shouldn't have.
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Could he have gotten into an argument with one of his brothers?? The way they are spaced apart "kind of" looks like they "may" have been made by a couple of claws from a kitty paw?
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