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Does anyone play games on your computer? Either with other's online or just with yourself of another person in your house? I have Monopoly,Yahtzee and of course card games.I never play with people on line nor do I play with money or betting.I am not that good nor can I afford to! Thanks Sherral
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Sherlock, solitare and, free cell that I play. the kids have tons of other games!
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I play solitaire, blackjack, video poker and Jeopardy.
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I like Freecell, Jeopardy, and Bookworm (online). I bought Bejeweled, and quickly got tired of it. I play some games at Popcap, and that's where Bookworm is, but for some reason, it became VERY slow. My computer is old. That could be the reason. I have Who Wants to be a Millionaire. It was one of those 4.95 games, and wouldn't work after the first time I played it. The same thing happened with the Printshop which I also payed 4.95 for!
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I play the yahoo and msn games once in a great while. I got hooked on Bejeweled in our training class while working for MSN, lol.

I play The Realm once in a while, which is an on line RPG game, I'll play new games when they come out, like Sim City 4000, Age of Mythology, etc.

I try not to play games too much, I like to do more worth while things, like studying, and I don't need anymore addictions, there isn't enough time in the day to spend it fooling around on a game. That's just my belief.

Now my fiance when our connection is good, that's all he likes to do is play games on our PC, PS2, Quake, Counter Strike, things like that.
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I used to go to pogo.com I was so addicted I would stay up at night and play for hours. You can win prizes there without paying. I actually won a digital camera worth over two hundred dollars. So I guess all that playing paid off.
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You don't have to spend all your time playing games on the coumpter,and on the other hand you don't have to spend all your time studying,and on cleaning,of watching to much TV,I happen to think everyone needs a down time to relax,if you cannot relax playing games,don't! But don't put down people who do.That is my belief.
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I play Scrabble on PlaySite 3.0 occasionally. I like it because they match you with players of similar ratings, so you don't get your butt kicked by a master if you are only a beginner.
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On-line games I play are normally at www.popcap.com - I am adicted to that site.

Computer games are Casino Empire, The Sims, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon and Zeus. I love sim games like that. I also have some great computer pinball games.
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Right now I'm really into Neverwinter Nights.It's a roleplaying game,following the concept of D&D.I spent alot of time beating DiobloII. Also I like to play Zoo Tycoon,which I downloaded all kinds of new animals for. I love having zoo's with nothing but cats.I'm just a computer playin fool.
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I am addicted to Taipei, as well as to Age of Mythology and Age of Empires (all versions. Just got the Wheel of Time game, still trying to find time to play it (there must be a pun in there somewhere...)
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a game called Kyodai, which you can get from Kyodai.com.
In addition to some great MahJongg games, it has games similar to Bejeweled and Tetris, and a game called slider that I am totally addicted to. You can even make your own tiles. It is shareware, but I think that all that happens is that you get nag screens periodically. I think that you get the whole game.I've made cat related tiles, so Im always looking for someone to share them with .

On Popgames, I like Bookworm and I must confess, the Mummy Maze. The Mummy always makes me laugh. I may have to buy it one of these days .
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