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I'm having a problem...

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I recently adopted my friends calico, callie. she has moved to be with family because her cancer has come back. She asked if I would take her, and of course I said yes! I was worried the whole time about her trying to fit in here,
she has been pretty scared! I kept her in my bathroom for 3 or so days, she wouldn't come out of my closet for 3, not eating or nothing. I brought the food to her in there and she ate a little, she used the box a couple of times,
that was it , then she ventured out, this is the 2nd wk. my cats are indoor/outdoor, out during the day mostly and in at night! she lived the same way at her house, she was the only cat there though! My cat Spook is being a little butt. He chases my Mama cat, (his mama) around the yard and she gets scared acting, then sometimes they meet up at the door and they smell each others noses and he will lick the top of her head! she deals with that fine! she doesn't really like any other cats period and hisses if they get in her space. callie, bless her heart, she has spit, growled and screamed at Spook and G, and mama, so Spook has decided to start the chase and go after her, I know he is just trying to play, but he is scaring her! Yesterday evening I was calling her, callie, mind you she hasn't really eaten a whole lot of anything this whole time, then I heard screaming like fighting , so I ran out by my sons treehouse, and I saw Spook climb the tree and get up there, he scared her by doing so and I guess he was going up to her and she freaked and screamed and she jumped off the deck, it isn't very high up . anyway I got on to him and he got down and she went around another tree! when it was almost dark I called her to come in... and she came after much coaxing,
she tried to eat a bit of food and then she walked away and tried to throw up, nothing came out , so then she tried again and a minute later tried again, almost like dry heeving! her mouth now acts like it does whenever you are about to throw up, and then she try and nothing. I think it is her nerves?
I know I will take her to the vet. oh yeah, she did throw up the other night, but it was just like liquid, clear, saliva looking,I thought it may have been something she ate outside and she didn't do it again. but last night came in doing the dry heeve thing and all I was really thinking it is her nerves, stressed out, but honestly I thought she would have taken off and tried to go back home, she lived probably about 10 miles from me, but she hasn't. so I just wanted your opinion before I load her up and go to the vet. which will stress her out all the more......
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i'd take her to the vet, just to be sure - altho it kinda sounds like hairball heaves...
once you're back from the vet, treat everyone w/vanilla extract so they all smell the same - that will probably help.
some 'arguing' is normal, as everyone adjusts to the new cat & her position in the 'pecking order' is decided.
do you live near where your friend did? i ask, because Callie may decided to go back there. i'd keep her inside only for a while, until she knows that your house is now home. [probably about a month]

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One thing your friends might help with - what is she used to eating? If you're giving her something else, and she hates it, or is allergic (quite common), she won't eat, and it sounds like she's starving at this point. I also think you must protect her from Spook - he may look like he's playing, but maybe he isn't (it happens) and whether or not he is, she's terrified and that stress can kill a cat too. You'll have to keep her separated for a while (weeks if necessary) til she has a calm and relaxed routine set up so that her life is more normal and she forgets the stress. Then you might consider re-homing her to a place with no other animals with people who are very patient and caring. I've seen cats die of stress related problems.
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I think your right! and I will do! right now I have her in my room and I have her food which is what she has had since day one, along with her
bowls, and litterbox. I have been sitting with her while she eats, and she has started eating a little tonight!!! she is actually eating some now right beside me!! I admit, I haven't been around alot this past wk. so I have tried to pay more attention to her mainly, but I can tell you that I need to
all of my kitties!! Probably why Spook has done what he has done, just jealous, he is my sweetheart, always accepting the ones I bring up, heck,
I just brought home Gracie, in February, but she was only 4 mos old. Then he takes over as mom and protector. they are in love! she adores him!
Callie is 2 or 3 yrs old. she seems to have calmed down alot and I do appreciate your advice and honesty! Bless her heart, my heart, and everybody's heart! we need it!! thanks again!
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I second trying the vanilla extract, & you might want to try her "old" food if that isn't what you are feeding.

Mostly, there's been a lot of changes in her life, just give her time to adjust.
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