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Waking me up every few hours

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Popsie won't eat dry food anymore so he no longer has scheduled feedings. Before I'd give him canned food in the morning and at night. He'd eat dry in between if he got hungry. Now I just keep a bowl down with wet food in it for him. Trouble is, sometimes he won't eat it even if it's only a few hours old. He keeps waking me up every few hours to fill his bowl or get him fresh food. I usually put fresh down right before I go to bed, but like a said he won't always go back to it when he's hungry again. Does anyone have advice on how I can get some sleep?
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Are you home during the day to feed him an extra meal or two then?

Ignore him at night. Feed the last meal before bed or at the same time every night and that's it. Thousands of other cats are used to waiting, so he can too - don't let him tell you otherwise.

As for him not wanting it if it's sitting for a while, he's a smart cat. It's meat and will spoil after it's been left out for a bit. Depending on temperature it may be a couple of hours or less. Just like it would be if you were to leave your own food out. Feed him smaller portions - 1/4 or so of a 5.5oz can at a time and just add a few more meals.

Roll over or grab him and tuck him next to you when he's bothering you at night. It works with mine, they leave me alone or get to snuggle against their will for a bit.
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I do the same feeding with my kitty now. We are both out during the day at work so I feed kitty a pouch of wet in the morning and put down dry during the day, this is because he doesn't eat all his wet and if I leave it out he won't go back to it either and also because it gets flies over it in summer. When I come home I give him another pouch and another one before bed. Some of the guys on here advised me and I do think that you need to train them into eating a t a certain time. Like some guys on here leave the food out for say 15 mins and then take it away. Cover it in cling and put it back down later, that way kitty knows to eat it all! It works with mine as he was starting to get bothersome early mornings! Also I have a ball that you put the dry food in and he gets food that way too whilst entertaining him. Just some thoughts that might help! Its too expensive to waste half a pouch everytime hey?
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