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Tuesday DT

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I think winter is over with!!! At 9:00, last night, I was out on the patio wearing just a T-shirt and pj bottoms. By 7:00 a.m., my doors were open, letting the fresh air in. In a couple of weeks, Bill will be up on the roof, shutting down the furnace and getting the cooler ready for summer.

Today's another goof-off day - reading and keeping track of the war news.

Have a good one!
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The trees are blooming and becoming a pale green. Birds are singing and every one here is sneezing like crazy! Darn allergies! *ah--choo*
Oh well, at least it's pretty!
Today I wash the cats.. all nine of them. We seem to have brought in fleas somehow and nothing seems to work. i have tried advantage and frontline. I may have to use them both together and see if that works. I may even add program to their food and maybe that will curb it too. If they were short haired cats I would use the electric lice comb to zap the fleas..but they are Persians and I don't think I can get to the fleas through the fur.
Wish me luck!
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I can't believe it, it's 60 degrees at only 10:30 in the morning! It's supposed to hit 70 here today, wheeeee!!!

This is my favorite time of year. Summer is too hot, winter too cold. Spring and Autumn are just right.

Passed a forsythia just starting to bloom yesterday and laughed out loud with happiness. This was a winter I am sure most of us will be thrilled to put behind us!
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Hey,I slept intill 10:00 am!Must have been the long walk I took yesterday. It is beautful here today too.Maybe I will take another walk today.Hope everyone has a beautful day!GOD BLESS THE USA SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!
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Well you must have sent the winter over here :tounge2:

It's been raining for 3 days straight and today we had a hail storm as well!

We went looking for daycare solutions for Ron today (for next year). I wish I could have him with me at home all the time but I need to work and we will have an other little one here next year.
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Anne - I hope you are feeling well with your new pregnancy! A new life arriving always makes the world look a little brighter.

My mom's surgery went well yesterday. They did a complete hysterectomy, but were unable to get to part of her cervix due to her weight. They may have to do a D&C tomorrow to get the rest of it out. I want to thank evryone for the prayers - I am sure they have made a difference! I am feeling little less stress now!

Busy at work today but I am still trying to play catch up here. Hope everyone is doing well today.
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I'm glad to hear that your Mom's surgery when well! I'm sure she'll feel so much better after a couple weeks of rest!
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Today I have accomplished as little as possible! It's my day off from work, but unfortunately I haven't been able to enjoy it much. I've had a nasty cold for over a week now and I just can't get rid of it. I was hoping I could sleep in a bit today, but had a big coughing fit and that notion was thrown right out the window! Since then, I have watch a couple hours of TV, took a long nap and now playing around on TCS. Jeez...I just realized that it's almost 4 pm and I haven't even got dressed! I doubt I'll even bother with it!

Hope everyone is having a good day and is enjoying the nice weather! Well...except Anne...Hail storms aren't exactly the most fun, huh?
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