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for whitecat lover

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IK you do the application and such for a shelter/rescue so figured you may be able to put my mind at ease and help me. LOL

we did find out we were approved after I sent an e-mail asking if they were sitll going over our application or if we were turned down and should I look for a puppy somewhere else. He sent one back saying we were all set and they are trying to get the spay set up and at the latest it will be next weekend that we have her (the 24th or so).... and he would keep me up to date, well he had to let the transport coordinater know last night if he found somewhere to do it this week if she was heading here this weekend. I never heard so guessing he didn't find anyone.

But then I sent a mail back asking which ONE (it is a litter of 6 all girls) we are getting. if they chose one or if we choose once everything is set up. or if the one with more white was still available.......... He never sent anything back on that......

But then I forgot to ask about mailing the check since before he said once approved they liked them ASAP so they could set up the spay. so asked if I should get it out. he did respond to that one saying to wait and see what he could do about the spay this week and if nothing then I could get it sent out so they could get it set up for next Tue (from the HS).

Today I mailed making sure that it wasn't set for this week, so I can plan on getting things and making the trip to meet them, and to ask exactly how old they are now as the add said around 7 weeks but not sure when it was posted besides I saw it a week ago..... and to find out which one is ours......

well he hasn't gotten back on that. in a way I feel like I am being jerked around some and in another way I know he is busy. but seems like he will answer some things and then just ignore other ones...... so not sure what is going on.

just wanted your opinion if that even made any sense.
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Well, you can look at it one of 2 ways:
1) This isn't a legit facilty & you are being jerked around
2) It's a really busy time (puppy & kitten season). It's possible they are overwhelmed with animals at the moment (as we are).

I know one gal who checks our e-mail doesn't always respond to all of them in the way she should, sometimes an e-mail gets overlooked.

He may be trying to find a way to get her spayed sooner, or finding out that no vet will fix her yet because she's too young....there are a lot of possiblities.
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well he did tell me that their local humane society does them at this age and has clinics on Tue but didn't have one today. and their local vets won't do them at this age so he was trying some other options yesterday. if not then the local HS would have clinic next Tue (the 20th) and she would be done then as worst case scenerio........ he is the only one that answers the mails (or has from me at least) he is listed as the animal control oficer on the website. seems he gets back to alot of my questions fast unless it is about what one we are getting... and also before on how long it took until I asked if I should look elsewhere then he got back to me and said he was trying to find somehwere that would spay her this week.......

This is where she is comming from http://www.shelbycountykentucky.com/Animal/animal.asp and they do have alot of pets on their site and other rescues closer to me also have some listed for them to help them out. but no clue on how to check if they are legit......

I am sure they are. guess I am just too excited and want at least all my details NOW so I can sit and try to wait patiently (I am not good at that. LOL)

And WOW thanks for answering so fast!!!!!!!!!!
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