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Can you believe.... ?

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....that Lazlo, Spooky, Shelly and Tuxedo are 6 years old?

We don't know exactly when they were born - but sometime the end of April.

I pointed this out to Gary last night - and he didn't believe me at first.

I remember when I first joined TCS and wondered what it would be like to have lived with them for a few years.

I don't have many kitten pics of Lazlo and Shelly because we've been through a few computer crashes without backups. But we know their "Gotcha" days.

The rest we have pics of them their first day home, so I got all the kitty's Gotcha days on the calendar now. We were really sad to see that Tuxie's "Gotcha" day is right around when they would have been a year old. Poor thing had to suffer through that horrible winter outside.

I pointed out to Gary, though, that everything DOES happen for a reason. He was SUCH a mean little cat - if things hadn't gone exactly the way they went, it probably wouldn't have worked out so well when he finally did come inside.

Happy belated birthday to the original gang of cats - who are now 6 years and probably a week to 2 1/2 weeks old!

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Awww, Happy Birthday to them all!
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Happy Birthday to your crew!
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Happy Birthday to those gorgeous kitties!
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Wow! 6 years! I remember when ya'll first started posting, asking for advice on caring for, then trapping them. Time flies when you're getting old.
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Happy birthday to Lazlo, Spooky, Shelly and Tuxedo.
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Aww, happy birthday Lazlo, Spooky, Shelly and Tuxedo!
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Time sure does fly... Happy Birthday Lazlo, Spooky, Shelly and Tuxedo!!
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Happy Birthday to your babies
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happy birthday!
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Time just passes by so quick sometimes.

Happy birthday to your babies.
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Wow! They sure must be getting big by now....
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