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My dog is sick :(

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Samson isn't eating his food, he smells it and walks away. He's interested in eating some people food but not much. He's thrown up twice in 48 hours after he did actually eat some dog food. And he's been really depressed looking and lethargic. We've been calling him Mopey. He's not interested in playing at all and when he's laying down does not want to get up, even when we call him or coax him. The only thing that seems to get him normal is going on a walk. Yesterday I gave him a big stick before a walk...he carried it the whole time and pranced (literally pranced) with his head up high and tail wagging(and not even kidding, as soon as we got to the yard of his new puppy friend he met over the weekend he ran over to the fence and dropped the stick. The pup wasn't there and he wouldn't carry the stick after that. Could he be depressed??) . He seemed alright and made me doubt that he was sick, until we got back home. I am SO worried about him! We are going to the vet this afternoon...I was so surprised they couldn't fit him in any earlier than 4:30! I called them last night and was told to wait and see how he was this morning. I didn't sleep at all last night b/c I kept checking to make sure he was alright. So I call first thing this morning thinking I could take him in right away and now I have to wait all day!!

Am I worrying over something stupid?! I know it could be so many things that could be causing it! He does have bad skin problems...maybe it's a skin infection? How can you tell if a dog has a fever? I know on cats you can feel their ears. I grew up mainly with cats so I don't know much about dogs getting sick.

Please pray for him! DH has him at work today to keep an eye on him. I hope he's ok. And I hope the vet bill isn't outrageous!

Thanks for your prayers and thanks for letting me vent!! This day is going to be so long!
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for Samson. Hope the vet can see him soon.

Sorry I can't help, don't know enough about dogs!
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Thanks, rescueccats! Samson and I appreciate it.
I am making myself nauseous b/c or worrying. I need to stop, it's not helping anything! lol.

(wow, this thread was moved really fast!!)
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Sending lots of vibes his way!
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I know! The mods usually move thread as soon as they see one that isn't in the right place.
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Aww Bless your heart Many vibes and prayers for your dog
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What kind of dog, what size and what age? Is there a chance that he got into something that he shouldn't have (such as eating too much litter)? Has his stool changed?

I also have a Samson who has a terribly sensitive stomach. He'll vomit, have the runs, and get on the lethargic side and this always happens after he gets into something that he shouldn't get into (like the litter box, the compost pile, a dead mouse in the yard). We skip a meal then feed him boiled chicken and rice for the next few days and he comes right back. But we didn't do this for the first time until after we had him checked by a vet to ensure that he all he had was a sensitive stomach. I wouldn't try this unless you get confirmation from your vet on what is causing it.

Don't over fret (easy for me to say). This is part of being a dog owner.
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Dogs sometimes get stomach bugs or eat something they shouldn't which could explain a lack of appetite and lethargy. My rule of thumb is if they are not drinking then they go to the vet ASAP. As long as they are drinking I try not to get TOO worried. (It's hard, I know!) But I think you're getting to the vet in time so that it is nothing serious!
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
What kind of dog, what size and what age? Is there a chance that he got into something that he shouldn't have (such as eating too much litter)? Has his stool changed?
Samson is a Lab/St Bernard mix, 14 months old. He definitely could have gotten into something which really worries me too since it could be a partial blockage. His stool was a little runny and had a good amount of hairballs in it. I honestly didn't know dog's could have hairball problems, but he is constantly licking b/c of his bad skin. Also, at about 4 am I took him out since I was awake and also had to go to the bathroom. He went pee, and then walked around and stopped to pee again and then did it another time. Seemed like symptoms of a UTI...Could a UTI cause any GI problems?? I just feel like there could be so many causes, I just hope the vets know what they are doing!

DH said he was excited to see the people a work so at least that is a good sign! 4:30 couldn't come fast enough today! And on top of that I have to skip my lunch break in order to leave early to take him, so this day will drag on without a break!!

Grr, venting feels good.
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I hope he's ok!
Just for future reference, canned pumpkin (plain, not pumpkin pie mix) is good for upset tummies in dogs (dont know about cats?) just about 1/4 cup (or less if your dog is small) once or twice a day.
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Originally Posted by MonaxLisa View Post
I hope he's ok!
Just for future reference, canned pumpkin (plain, not pumpkin pie mix) is good for upset tummies in dogs (dont know about cats?) just about 1/4 cup (or less if your dog is small) once or twice a day.

Thanks! Not sure about upset stomachs in cats, but we are rasing orphaned kitties and the vet advised me to give one of them canned pumpkin when he was constipated! So it def won't hurt and might help cats
I will remember that for the future when he gets an upset tummy!

Thanks for the prayers and vibes everybody. DH texted and said Samson is acting fine, but I honestly don't believe him. He doesn't want Sam to go to the vet b/c of cost so he could be just saying that.

5 more hours until we go...will be sure to let you know later tonight.
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Vibes and prayers for Samson to be ok.
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Another good one to get food into them is boiled chicken and rice. Sometimes dogs who are too sick to eat anything else will eat that. The only caution is that your dog might turn into a fussy eater and figure out that if he holds out, he might get something yummier.
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We are back from the vet and $270 later they are not quite sure what is wrong.

They said it could be a few different things that is causing him to be sick. It's not anything stuck in him, but they did blood work on him and that came back slightly abnormal (some readings were just barely above the normal mark). So the vet is asking me if there is anyway he could have gotten into anti-freeze or any kind of spray or cleaner. I say no, he doesn't have access to any of that...and then it hit me. I had used some kind of cleaner out on the porch the other day and he could have been let out there before it was dry, but I'm not sure(DH puts him on the porch when he start getting annoyed by Samson). Even though the vet assured me this was only a small possibility of it being that, I still feel so awful and guilty and I just know in my heart that is what caused it. I must be a horrible mother. Maybe I shouldn't even have kids someday.

After subcutaneous fluids, an antibiotic and a pepto bismal-type medicine, and a small amount of ID wet food, I am supposed to wait and see what happens. If he keeps the food down then I give him more. By tomorrow mid-morning they think he should be well on his way back to normal. If not, he needs to go back for more blood testing and a new treatment. I also have to drop the cleaner bottle off on the way to work so the vet can inquire about it.

All this on top of my mom being extremely sick (MRSA for the 2nd time), the financial strain from the orphaned kitties, and us trying to get things set and ready for going out of town for a week very soon. It seems the ole saying is true...when it rains, it pours.

I wish I could just snap my fingers and he would be ok. I guess I'm in for another sleepless night, although I feel like I just want to crawl under the covers and stay there for days. Poor Samson. Get better soon buddy!!

**UGH. Just got an email from the rescue that is going to help out with the kitties and they cannot watch them while we are out of town. So now I have a week to find someone I trust to give them the care and attention they need for the 9 days we are gone! I'm not even sure they will be weaned by then.
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Oh man. I'm sorry to hear that. Blood tests on dogs are never easy. It's not like humans where you can easily see when something is off. Really, good for you for being such a good pet owner that you got him to the vet so quickly.
I'll keep fingers and paws crossed that it's nothing serious.
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Well, I thought I would have good news to report this morning. I gave Samson his medicine last night and then fed him some ID. He loved the food and devoured it. As long as he kept it down I gave him a small amount of it every hour. By the end of the night he had eaten almost a whole can and was gaining strength and energy. But at 6 this morning I was awakened by the sound of him vomiting. His food must have all digested fine because he did not vomit any food, just bile. I checked the room to be sure that was the first time he vomited and did not find anything else in the room. He was also mopey again after this.

I took him in to the vet this morning as they said they would watch him today to see how he is doing, especially if he was still vomiting. So now the poor guy is in a run with his Wubba at the vet clinic, but at least I know he will get any medical attention he may need. Hopefully the vet can call the cleaner company this morning to find out what to do if he did ingest any of it.

Please keep praying for Samson! I hope when I leave work this evening I can go to a happy, energetic Samson.
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It sounds like good news that he kept the food down. Poor boy needs his strength.
C'mon Samson!

Get better! We're pulling for you!
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**Another update (sorry I am posting here, I know this is a cat forum. I was in the process of looking for a dog forum too before he got sick but don't have one. I know ya'll on here will offer support, comfort, advice, prayers and a place to vent which is what I need. So thanks and sorry).

Well, I don't know if this is good or bad news. Got a few calls from the vet and also just visited Sam. He most likely (but not sure yet) has Addison's Disease. They are waiting on the test results to confirm or deny this.
His Potassium went from 7 last night to 9.7 this morning (normal is 3.5-5.8)
His Sodium went from 18 last night to 13 this morning (normal is 20 or higher)
They had to put him on an IV to quickly lower his potassium as having it that elevated can cause heart problems. From the limited and quick research that I did on Addison's, it is treatable and the dog can live a normal, happy life but it is a monthly expense of pills and shots.
They also have to keep him over night to continue fluids but do not offer 24 hour care there, so we have to drive him across town tonight and tomorrow to and from the emergency clinic. All I see is the $$$$ we owe increasing.

I just got back form the dr for me and have an appointment tomorrow as well, and with all of Samson's costs we will be spending well over a thousand dollars in 2 days Not sure how that is going to work into our budget. We are also committed to a trip coming up and that will cost money as well, so I am just super stressed right now. I have been crying off and on all day, even at work.

the vet does not want me to worry about this yet, but how can I not? If DH does not agree to any monthly expense I don't know what I will do! My poor baby

Now I am thinking cleaner ingestion looks good compared to the Addison's. Who knows, maybe nothing will turn up and he will just get better.(ha, that's nearly impossible)
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Oh man- not good news at all. I hope it's not Addison's. Yes it's managable but the monthly costs depend on the medication.
Take a look here
clickon FAQs you can get to a FAQ that says "How much do the medications cost?". They also list some possible lower cost alternatives.
But I'll still send some that it goes away by itself. C'mon people we need some more vibes for Samson!
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... Addisons is TREATABLE I am dealing with it cousin Cushings without conventional meds.....
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Originally Posted by roxsam View Post
His Potassium went from 7 last night to 9.7 this morning (normal is 3.5-5.8)
His Sodium went from 18 last night to 13 this morning (normal is 20 or higher)
Looks like I messed up the Na numbers. The 13 is not the Na level but the Na/K ratio. Normal is 27-40.
(wanted to correct that before I felt dumb when it was caught by someone)
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Prayers for your Dog. I had Dogs before I had Cats and will have a Dog again one day. I hope he will be ok.
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Well, just found out it has been confirmed Samson has Addison's. The vet called around town and this is the youngest case they have ever seen! Lucky us, lol. DH and I decided we are in it for the long haul, we will not give up on him! So monthly medications it will be. I am just so relieved we know what is wrong and that he will be ok.

His Potassium levels steadily declined and are now in the normal range!
I will be going to talk to the vet this evening and to pick him up! I'm so happy he will be home, although my cat didn't seem to miss him at all last night, lol! No we just need to figure out how to pay off the vet bills.

This is my last post about this on this forum. Thanks for putting up with a doggy thread on a cat forum, and thanks for your prayers, support and advice!!
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