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Millys tummy

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Well our rescue cat from the RSPCA finally was allowed home at the weekend she wasnt allowed any earlier than that because she had been poorly with her tummy and was on medication. When she first came home her poos were firmish but very smelly and she also suffers from very bad wind! She has been having 25g of James Wellgoddnes (i think thats what its called) twice a day as per instructions from the RSPCA but she is also managing to help herself to our 2 boys IAMS! So her poo has started to become runny again, and boy can she poo for England? Is there anything she can have to bind her up a bit? The RSPCA said that she is supposed to be 3 yrs old but the tiny size of her and the way she is shredding up the house in particular the lounge curtains makes me think that she is much much younger than that
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when i acquired Java [stray] she had really bad gas [] & soft poos that eventually became diarrhea. she loved to sleep on my shoulder, which made the gas really annoying!

the vet said she had a bacterial intestinal overgrowth [probably from eating garbage, poor thing!].

anyway, after TWO rounds of antibiotics, plus a round of probiotics, her gas & runny poos became a thing of the past!
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I regularly give my Tomas a probiotic and digestive aid -Eagle Pack Holistic Solutions. It's made a big difference, especially with his stinky gas (maybe I should try sneaking some on DH's food? )

Understandly, that likely isn't available there but if you can find another probiotic that would probably greatly help. If you can't find anything for pet use you can use human probiotics (these are probably higher quality, too).

Does anyone know the amount to offer per pound? I think it may have been mentioned in the guest forum for Holistic Feline Health and Nutrition a while back.
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Just to update you all on Millys tum. I took her to our vet this afternoon and they have rewormed her with the same tablets that the RSPCA wormed with when they first took her in, and also a course of antibiotics. She has to go on chicken and rice 4 times a day for a couple of days then we wean her onto IAMS after that, fingers crossed that should sort her out, if not then back to the vet for a poo sample.
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