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What Is Wrong With Maisie???

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I have two cats - both girls.

Molly and Maisie have always been very close and the best of friends..
Molly gave birth to kittens a week ago now and for two weeks before the birth until yesterday Molly has been sleeping upstairs and Maisie downstairs.
However although Molly was sleeping upstairs she was still free to come downstairs as she pleased and mix with Maisie as she wished.

Yesterday we brought the crate downstairs.The kittens and Molly will now sleep in our conservatory but again Molly is able to wander all round and mix with maisie.. This was fine for a couple of hours until Maisie spotted the kittens, she went closer for a look then hissed at them.

Since then she has been very aggressive towards Molly. She hisses and growls at her and then trys to run out of the room.. Molly will try to interact with Maisie as normal, but when Maisie goes off on one Molly just sits there with her eyes half closed not interested in what Maisie is doing at all..

I dont know what it is, Is Maisie scared? and if so, what of?
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Maisie likely is scared and/or confused. You just surprised her with a bunch of new little mewling kittens that, for all she knows, came out of thin air.
They're new to her and cats don't always take well to new things. Make sure she still has her own space and that she doesn't harm one of the babies, but maybe just give her time to get used to them. I'm not sure if scent will matter as much since they probably smell like Molly - you could try reintroductions between Molly, Maisie, and all the kittens (there's plenty of info for that in this section).

Is Maisie spayed yet? Or is that future plans for both the girls? It's best to save yourself from the trouble this causes by not allowing more litters.
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No there wont be anymore..

Its very sad for Molly because she just wants to play and groom Maisie but as soon as she trys to get near to her Maisie hits out at her..

I can cope with Maisie not liking the kittens because they all have homes to go to but my girls have the rest of their days to spend together
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You might want to try using Feliway diffusers to help the situation. Maisie is probably just confused, and likely Molly smells funny, just like coming home from the vet. for Molly and Maisie!
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