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Prayers Needed!

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Our 11 year old cat swallowed a large amount of wood off of a basket this past weekend. Yesterday his xrays showed a lung full of pneumonia and lots of gas in his stomach and bowels. The vet is unsure if there are any perforations in the stomach, bowels, or diaphragm. The vet states that if the xray doesn't look better today that he will have to have surgery. Please pray for our kitty. Also, has anyone ever heard of a cat eating wood (very sharp) and surviving? We are just sick about this and hope he will be okay. Thanks for your prayers.
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I'll move this to the health forum.

Lot's of healthy, healing for your boy, and let us know how it goes
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Awww poor baby Many prayers and vibes everything turns out ok.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your cat. My hubby gets annoyed with me when I tell him to keep elastics and twist ties away from the cats. He says I'm over-reacting and that the cats are smart enough not to eat them. Yeah, right! I sure don't know why your kitty ate the wood, but I'm praying that he will be alright.
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hope your kitty is ok
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Oh my....Unlimited healing For your precious kitty
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Your poor baby. I'm so sorry to hear about this. Cats will, unfortunately, nibble or eat the strangest things. Even though I've "kitty-proofed" my house, I still have to be vigilant.

I've heard of cats swallowing all sorts of objects, even needles attached to the thread they were playing with. I know your vet's done X-rays, but if he did an ultrasound it would give him a clearer picture of your kitty's organs, and might help him see whether or not there are perforations.

Lots of good wishes and prayers that your little guy will be alright.
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my shinobi is a nibbler and i'm always trying to stay one step ahead of him and spot things before he does, but it is difficult.

sending lots of healing for your kitty.
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Vibes and prayers for your kitty.
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Prayers for your Cat. Coco once Swallowed 5 big Rubber Bands and we did not know until she threw them up. Thank God she threw them up. Then last Christmas my Sister bought my Cats Toys. Then I hear Coco barfing. i thought it was her Asthma acting up but it was the Ribbon from the Toy. She barfed it all. I do not get those type of Toys anymore. Yesterday one of the Cats barfed Carpet. I wish I knew who did it. i juts know it wasnt Coco.
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Vibes and prayers for your kitty
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Some years ago, my husband's former dog ate a whole pack of razors (unopened pack), and the vet told him to feed the dog a stick of butter to aid its excretion. The dog was fine.

for a successful recovery.
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Vibes coming your way.
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