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Daily Thread Tues May 13th!

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Morning peeps!

I have an early meeting this morning so hence being up so early. I am not a big fan of it but oh well.

I found out last night that my mom is coming for a visit this weekend We have a long weekend coming up and she is going to be here!!

Heading to the gym tonight after a week long hiatus..bleh..getting into it again is hard.

Sunny and 19 today Have a lovely day!
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Cloudy today although the suns trying to peep through.

Got the gardner coming tonight but i need to pop into town for a couple of things on the way home first. Other than that nothing exciting
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Sunny and warmi-ish (68F) today. Going to spend the day trying to finish up a project at a clients house-I'm on my 5th truckload of brush to be removed and possibly two more yet!!

A bit tired this morning. Hands are a bit sore/tired too!! Hope I can work in my yard later today (but before AI!).

Cats are all snoozing-there was a ginger colored cat in the yard last night but when I stepped outside and called it -it can away under the spruce trees.

Have a good one.....
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Morning All!!

Sunny and warm here today.

Heading into work after lunch for a bit but other then that am just going to try and have a quiet lazy day. My knees have been acting up due to the weather so am feeling a little rundown because of it.

Maybe grab a movie for this evening.

The kitties are good this morning, sitting in the window supervising the roofer's who are shingling the house across the street. That should keep them interested most of the day..

Everyone have a good one
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Well today I have one final and I am getting ready to head out of town so I need to do laundry and the dishes as well as take out the trash. We will see what gets done after my final today and what ever doesn't get done can get done Wednesday because I don't have anything else to do so we will see how motovated I am getting.

Tomnus is currently trapped in the bedroom with food, water, and his litter box so I can have the dishes soak while I'm at my test with out him trying to drink the water(not a good idea after the things I saw floating in there...and thats only the things I saw). He isn't happy about being trapped but I know we will both be happier than if I let him get into the sink and then have him get god only knows what. I also need to change out his litter some time but since I am leaving for two weeks I don't want to do it until I am sure it can stay fresh so it doesn't stink up the apartment while I'm gone.

have a good day everyone.
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