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Question about kitten poop

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I got 2 new kittens a little over a week ago, they are 9 weeks old now. The poop is green in color, and the one little boy has very runny stool and the little girl's stool is green but a little more solid than the little boy. Is this normal, should I change food ( they get science diet for kittens dry food, and they get a couple of different wet food, nutro cat, science diet, and wellness, all for kittens). Let me know what you think. They are going to the vet next week sometime for there shots and I will talk to the vet about it but if I should be worried about it now then I will go sooner. BTW he is not acting sick, he eats drinks and plays like a kitten.
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Where did you get the kittens from and what were they eating before you got them?

I would give the vet a quick call. If there's a possiblity of any sort of infection or parasites, you don't want a bunch of shots yet if something else is compromising their health.
Diarrhea in kittens is a little more worrying because they're so little, but they are eating wet food which can help keep them from getting dehydrated.
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I adopted them from a no kill rescue. They have been dewormed. I am going to the vets in the am with my older girl so I will ask then. They are on the same food here as they were there. I am thinking maybe we need to change to plan ole kitten chow. I will ask tomorrow.
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When cats have diarrhea, particularly kittens, you can use pedialyte instead of water (obviously the unflavored kind). This helps keep them from getting as deyhdrated.
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Maybe something was missed when they were dewormed - though worms aren't the only parasite that can cause diarrhea.
I wouldn't switch foods again, this only makes it harder on their digestive tracts as they need time to transition and get used to new foods.
Completely rule out any chance of parasites (including gardia and coccidia)or bacterial overgrowth, and if that's not the cause you can try getting some BeneBac for them - a probiotic.
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