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A cat in trouble :(

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Hi Guys,
I have a 7 year old cat here in real trouble.
I've never seen anything like this before.
She is breathing very fast and shallow, and it looks like
it's difficult for her to breathe at all... as if she's choking on something,
but I can't feel anything in her throat.

She hasn't been herself for a week, and the fast breathing has been
happening for the past two or three days.
I'd love to take her to a vet, but can't afford it.

Just today she sort of started crying as she breathes to get attention
while I'm near her. She can walk, and she still occasionally moves to another
part of the house, and tried to use the litter tray this morning.
Today her mouth is partly open all the time, and her breath really stinks
(but her breath might have always had a bad smell).

Any ideas of what could be happenig would be appreciated.
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I joined another cat forum first that didn't activate accounts straight away,
and then this one, for this message, and she died in that time. That's sad
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Oh I'm so sorry
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It sounds like an emergency situation and your cat needs a vet asap. I'm am so sorry, I hope your baby gets better.
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Now I wish I'd stuck my finger down her throat to check for anything,
but I didn't want to cause her more discomfort if there was nothing there.

She was really special, here's a video of her:
I'm going to cry if I watch this.

I really couldn't afford a vet, I should have the money on hand and all,
part of the responsibility, but I took her on unexpectedly for a mate that couldn't keep her.
She was one of two cats here.
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Just for curiosity, did you check her throat after she died?

Sorry no one saw your message immediately, but cats are very good at hiding their illness or pain. Once it shows (often in changed behavior), the cat is very sick and needs help immediately. They can't talk to us, so we have to try to be perceptive.
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maybe I should have, I wouldn't want to unwrap her now. She's got her eyes open.
I did have an urge to push my finger as far down her throat as I could,
but on the other hand she's had some symptoms for a few days which
seems a long time to choke on something.
There's no baits or anything small around that I imagine she could have gotten into,
and she was an inside all the time cat.

I don't blame the forum at all, It's more my own fault, I wish I had some money one me,
but vets are expensive, and I'm in hard times with finance, and without work.
I was in a better position when I took on my animals.
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poor kitty, sorry you lost her.
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Although you're not in the U.S., there are almost always groups that will help with vet expenses. I think there may even be a link on this page, with suggestions.
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From what you say of her symptoms she could have had pneumonia, with her lungs filling slowly with fluid. Depending on the cause, antibiotics might have helped, or it could have been kidney failure. But in any case I am sorry you had to go through this. I hope you are able to put some money by now to help your other cat in an emergency. It is a good idea to have at least a little, then sometimes you can persuade a vet to take part payment and instalments.
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Oh dear I am so sorry your baby died. Rip Sometimes illness creeps up at the most difficult time for us financially. Your sweet little cat is no longer suffering. It sounds like she may have had more than some thing caught in her throat.
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Thanks for the thoughts.
I thought about it, and although unemployed, I do spend money frivolously,
and could have had money aside if I'd made it a real priority.
Although not sure a vet could have helped.
Funny what I would give up to get her back now.
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Have you visited our "Crossing the Bridge" section of this web site?
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I can read the pain in your words.
You can not beat yourself up. You really can't.
Hardships come and we don't think about emergencies. The one thing I will tell you is that I bet someone reading this thread will learn from your unfortunate situation. I watched the video and she was a cutie pie and so funny.

My advice would be to maybe get a credit card that you don't use and stash it away for emergencies. I would hate for you to experience it again.

Vets ARE expensive and until I got plugged into the cat community here in my town I was unaware of so many things.

I am so sorry. It is apparent that you loved her.
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Welcome to TCS, the internet home for cat lovers and anyone needing to find a wonderful group of courageous, compassionate, intelligent and NON-JUDGMENTAL people
Condolences on losing Isabel - her video shows what a lovely treasure she was for your household. Her symptoms definitely sound medical. Now is the time for you to take care of yourself and your other kitty during this sad time of grief. Heaven is already taking care of Isabel - play happily over Rainbow Bridge, Isabel - have fun meeting our other TCS RB kitties, and the people angels.
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Oh Art, I'm so sorry about your baby girl!
She will be waitng for you on the other side of the RB. You will see her again.

RIP little kitty cat
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