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The bandito brothers!

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We have three black kittens in rescue right now that I look after at our storefront. I have nicknamed them The Boisterous Black Bandito Brothers b/c they are soooo full of energy and race around like crazy maniacs. I've been caring for them for about six weeks.

Many times my boyfriend comes with me when I clean or we go visit and groom, trim nails, etc. he pets them, plays with them, etc.

Anyway, they really are very sweet boys. The cutest thing happened with them recently. When they hear me, they come to the door of the cage - they are in the big two- level cage -- and cry to be let out.

Anyway, he missed a week. So, we get there and I unlock the cage, they practically EXPLODED out of there... and ZOOM!!!! made a bee line for my BF sitting on the storage bench and JUMPED on him!!! The three were jockeying for lap position... all three climbing aboard at once, pushing, shoving... really, really loving on him!!! It was soooo cute! I'm going to have to get pics or video of them doing this!!! They are very hard to resist. I told him, well now you will HAVE to take all THREE of them home with you!!
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I have heard that black cats are the most boisterous of all cats. Just urban myth, probably.
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Your right. I think he is gonna have to take them.
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