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Hairballs and peanut butter?

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Hello, I read somewhere on here that peanut butter works for hairballs. I did ask about it on that thread but I lost it. Does anyone know about it? My kitty is a long haired gorgeous ginger fur baby and he gets not so gorgous ginger fur balls! It must be uncomfortanle having to gag them up so I would be interested in knowing ways to alleviate the issue. How though do you administer the peanut butter? How much would you use and does anyone know how it works? Do they like the taste? Thanks if anyone can advise, other ideas would be great too
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Well peanut butter does contain butter and butter is a good hairball preventative But it would depend on how well your cat likes PB - Charlie likes it cause he's helped Keno with peanut butter in her bone.

I may try a little PB for a change after his bath this time - last time he didn't want the plain butter.....
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You could also try hairball remedy which is basically vaseline flavored with salmon. Some cats love it and think it is a treat. Others, well, not so much : /
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I think it was probably a thread I had started where you saw that lol

Oliver will NOT take the hairball goo sold in stores (used to, but now a no-go, just makes a huge mess) and just the hairball treats weren't really helping his post-monthly-bath hairball situation... I have been giving him peanut butter occasionally... first, I tried smooshing it into his paw to get him to eat it - BAD IDEA! He just shook his paw continuously, effectively covering my room in peanut butter so then I tried kind of forcing him to eat it (he's a good boy lol)... I got him between my knees on the floor like I do when pilling him, scooped a big ol finger-full of peanut butter and just kind of smooshed it into his mouth, on his tongue, on the roof of his mouth and then he's kind of forced to eat it and he does... he makes funny faces though lol - I don't know if he doesn't like the taste or the texture but he still won't just take it voluntarily lol

It seems to help though! If I notice him throughout the day preening a whole lot, I will give him some before bed and on those nights there have been no hairballs to wake up to... for some reason it seems the majority of his hairballs occur right before bed, in the middle of the night, or way early morning ugh

But also, people have suggested plain butter and/or sweet potatoes... I haven't tried any of these, as I bought a whole jar of PB and no one in the house actually eats PB, so Ollie will be getting PB for hairballs for awhile now
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What a good idea! Rocko gets hairballs frequently. Gonna try this.
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Thanks for the advice! I shall definately be trying this Thanks
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